Welcome to the web site of the Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CIQUS). Here you will find information about the research areas, groups and scientists that comprise this center, and also about its organization, facilities, services and other data of interest. CIQUS is a member of the Singular Research Centers Network, a core structure of  the Campus of International Excellence– Campus Vida project, and it is focused towards the application of transdisciplinary strategies to solve relevant problems in the field of biological chemistry and in the development of novel functional materials.


Today, July 23rd, the CIQUS PhD student Diego Ramón Rodríguez Lojo obtained the maximum qualification for the defense of his Doctoral Thesis entitled "Synthesis of nanosized acenes, phenes and starphenes by aryne cycloadditions, and study of their properties". His work has been supervised by Prof. Dolores Pérez and Prof. Diego Peña.


CIQUS researchers develop an extremely simple procedure  to obtain nanosized graphenes, which will be crucial in future electronic devices. This research was made in collaboration with IBM Research - Zurich, and it describes the synthesis of a nanographene, a type of compound that could lead to the future graphene-based electronic devices. The results have been published in the prestigious scientific journal «Angewandte Chemie».

Recent publications

Rapid-flux-solvent-atmosphere method for tailoring the morphology of titania substrates over a large area via direct self-assembly of block copolymers

G. Chieffi, R. Di Girolamo, A. Aronne, P. Pernice,E. Fanelli,M. Lazzari, C. De Rosa, F. Auriemma

Molecular Pom Poms from Self-Assembling α,γ-Cyclic Peptides

M. Panciera, M. Amorín, J.R. Granja

Structure-Based Design of New KSP-Eg5 Inhibitors Assisted by a Targeted Multicomponent Reaction

C. Carbajales, M.A. Prado, H. Gutiérrez de Terán, A. Cores, J. Azuaje, S. Novio, M.J. Núñez, B. Fernández García, E. Sotelo, X García Mera, P. Sánchez Lazo, M. Freire Garabal, A. Coelho

Insights into Substrate Binding and Catalysis in Bacterial Type I Dehydroquinase

M. Maneiro, A. Peón, E. Lence, J.M. Otero, M.J. van Raaij, P. Thompson, A. R. Hawkins, C. González Bello

Programmed stereoselective assembly of DNA-binding helical metallopeptides

I. Gamba, G. Rama, E. Ortega Carrasco, J.D. Maréchal, J. Martínez Costas, M.E. Vázquez, M. Vázquez López