Welcome to the web site of the Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CiQUS). Here you will find information about the research areas, groups and scientists that comprise this center, and also about its organization, facilities, services and other data of interest. CiQUS is a member of the Singular Research Centers Network, a core structure of  the Campus of International Excellence– Campus Vida project, and it is focused towards the application of transdisciplinary strategies to solve relevant problems in the field of biological chemistry and in the development of novel functional materials.


Postdoctoral researcher Martín Fañanás has obtained one of the BBVA Foundation Grants for Young Researchers and Cultural Creators.


Dónde encontrar la motivación para continuar investigando después de tantos años o cuál es el papel de la química en el problema de la contaminación y del cambio climático fueron algunas de las cuestiones planteadas por los estudiantes de enseñanza secundaria al Premio Nobel en Química Richard R. Schrock.


Researchers have confirmed the existence and characterized the structure of arynes, a family of highly-reactive short-lived molecules which was first suggested 113 years ago. The technique, published by Nature Chemistry, could be used in the preparation of graphene nanoribbons or novel single-molecule devices.

Recent publications

Hydrolysis of imidazolidine ligands mediated by CuII: mononuclear, tetranuclear and 1D CuII-amine complexes

M. Fondo, J. Doejo, A. M. García Deibe, J. Sanmartín, C. González Bello, R. Vicente.

Polyhedron, 2015, just accepted manuscript

On the interaction between the imidazolium cation and aromatic amino acids. A computational study

A. A. Rodríguez Sanz, E. M. Cabaleiro Lago, J. Rodríguez Oterob

Different dynamin blockers interfere with distinct phases of synaptic endocytosis during stimulation in motoneurones

P. Linares Clemente, J. L. Rozas, J. Mircheski, P. García.Junco.Clemente, J. A. Martínez.López, J. L. Niet.-González, M. E. Vázquez, C. O. Pintado, R.l Fernández.Chacón

The infrared spectrum of the He–C2D2 complex

N. Moazzen Ahmadi, A. R. W. McKellar, B. Fernández, D. Farrelly

Integrated Ugi-Based Assembly of Functionally, Skeletally, and Stereochemically Diverse 1,4-Benzodiazepin-2-ones

J. Azuaje, J. M. Pérez.Rubio, V. Yaziji, A. El Maatougui, J. C. González.Gomez, V. M. Sánchez.Pedregal, A. Navarro.Vázquez, C. F. Masaguer, M. Teijeira, E. Sotelo