Welcome to the web site of the Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CIQUS). Here you will find information about the research areas, groups and scientists that comprise this center, and also about its organization, facilities, services and other data of interest. CIQUS is a member of the Singular Research Centers Network, a core structure of  the Campus of International Excellence– Campus Vida project, and it is focused towards the application of transdisciplinary strategies to solve relevant problems in the field of biological chemistry and in the development of novel functional materials.

Recent publications

Excited-State Proton and Charge Transfer in Protonated Amino and Methylated Derivatives of 2-(2′-Hydroxyphenyl)benzimidazole

S. Ríos Vázquez, J.L. Pérez Lustres, F. Rodríguez Prieto, M. Mosquera, M.C. Ríos Rodríguez

An automated method to find transition states using chemical dynamics simulations

E. Martínez Núñez

Tunnel conduction in epitaxial bilayers of ferromagnetic LaCoO3/La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 deposited by a chemical solution method

I. Lucas, J.M. Vila Fungueiriño, P. Jiménez Cavero, B. Rivas Murias, C. Magen, L. MOrellón, F. Rivadulla

Exchange Bias Effect in CoO@Fe3O4 Core–Shell Octahedron-Shaped Nanoparticles

N. Fontaina Troitiño, B. Rivas Murias, B. Rodríguez González, V. Salgueiriño

Ionic Liquids Entrapped in Reverse Micelles as Nanoreactors for Bimolecular Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction. Effect of the Confinement on the Chloride Ion Availability

D. Blach, M. Pessego, J.J. Silber, N.M. Correa, L. García Río, R D. Falcone