Welcome to the web site of the Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CIQUS). Here you will find information about the research areas, groups and scientists that comprise this center, and also about its organization, facilities, services and other data of interest. CIQUS is a member of the Singular Research Centers Network, a core structure of  the Campus of International Excellence– Campus Vida project, and it is focused towards the application of transdisciplinary strategies to solve relevant problems in the field of biological chemistry and in the development of novel functional materials.


Today, December 19th, the CIQUS PhD student Jesús Mosquera Mosquera defended his Doctoral Thesis, with European Doctorate mention, entitled "Modulating the interaction of peptides derived from transcription factors with specific DNA sequences". His work has been supervised by Prof. José L. Mascareñas and Dr. Eugenio Vázquez, from the CiQUS research group MetBioCat and the Organic Chemistry Department of The USC.


Researchers Martín Fañanás and Moisés Gulías have been recognized with the 'Thieme Chemistry Award 2015', a prize given by the editorial boards of scientific journals Synlett, Synthesis, and Synfacts.

Recent publications

Irreversible Covalent Modification of Type I Dehydroquinase by a Stable Schiff Base

L. Tizón, M. Maneiro, A. Peón, J.M. Otero, E. Lence, S. Poza, M.J. van Raaij, P. Thompson, A. R. Hawkins, C. González Bello

Gold(I)-Catalyzed Intermolecular Cycloaddition of Allenamides with α, β-Unsaturated Hydrazones: Efficient Access to Highly SubstitutedCyclobutanes

P. Bernal Albert, H. Faustino, A. Gimeno, G. ASensio, J.L. Mascareñas, F. López

Predicting PSR Filters by Transverse Relaxation Enhancements

J. Correa, L. Pinto, R. Riguera, E. Fernández Megía

Systemically administered brain-targeted nanoparticles transport peptides across the blood–brain barrier and provide neuroprotection

M. Yemisci, S. Caban, Y. Gursoy-Ozdemir, S. Lule, R. Novoa-Carballal, R. Riguera, E. Fernandez-Megia, K. Andrieux, P. Couvreur, Y. Capan, T.Dalkara

Substituted Corannulenes and Sumanenes as Fullerene Receptors. A Dispersion-Corrected Density Functional Theory Study

D. Josa, J. Rodríguez-Otero, E. M. Cabaleiro-Lago, L. A. Santos, T. C. Ramalho