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Fonseca Prize 2008

"For his exceptional mastery in the popularization of complex concepts in Physics at the very edge
of our current understanding of the Universe, combined with the highest scientific excellence, and
for becoming a public reference of science worldwide "

Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking

Lucasian Chair of Mathematics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The jury of this round of the Fonseca prize was formed by Senén Barro, Rector of the USC; Xosé Manuel Villanueva, Manager of the Consorcio de Santiago; Carlos Pajares, professor of Theoretical Physics of the USC; Xosé Denis, Director of programmes of the Consorcio de Santiago; Javier Armentia, Director of the Planetarium of Pamplona; Xosé Rodríguez Durán, Director of the program ‘Ciencianosa' of the public Television of Galicia and Jorge Mira, Director of the ConCiencia programme. All of them emphasized the important career of professor Hawking and his great contributions in the communication of science.

Link to the whole conference videos: