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European Diploma Supplement (DS)

pdf Information about the European Diploma Supplement [pdf - 457Kb][Updated: 25/04/2008]

The USC will issue this new accreditation to the students who request it provided they had completed studies of official first and second cycle degrees after September 2003, date when the rule regulating the European Supplement has come into force.

The European Diploma Supplement (DS) is a supplement to the Degree Certificate translated into three languages (Spanish, Galician and English), which will be issued after having completed the studies, without having to wait for the issue of the printed degree.

The European Diploma Supplement (DS) issued by the USC has also the consideration of Europass Supplement, the European programme which facilitates training and work in Europe.

The USC is the first Galician university, and one of the first in Spain, which offers this service to graduate students.

pdf Model of European Diploma Supplement [pdf - 99Kb][Updated: 25/04/2008]

Objectives of the DS

  • It is a document which adds information to the Degree obtained, by a description of the nature of the degree, its level, content and knowledge attained by the student.
  • It is adapted to the model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and UNESCO/CEPES (European Centre for Higher Education))
  • It promotes the widest national and international mobility of graduate students.
  • In short, its objective is to provide information about the knowledge and competencies acquired by the students; since this document includes the courses attended by the students (transcript), as well as information about the degree and documentation about the Spanish educational system.

How to obtain the European Diploma Supplement?

Application forms for issuing the Diploma Supplement are already available at the Academic Management Units, and will be provided to students before the issue of the Official Degree, following the model established by the Council of University Coordination.

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