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User Attention Centre

Support to TRS and ASS

The User attention area, through the centralized attention system, organizes and distributes the necessary resources for the implementation of the actions and programs relating to users. Also,  it controls the correct functioning of the microcomputer systems, this attention takes place at the facilities where the equipment is placed or at the ICTA premises.

Technical assistance is provided to the following computer equipments:

  • Technical assistance for the solution of software problems, from operating systems to computer-based and corporate applications and programs. The support is limited to the programs provided by the different Campus permissions managed by the ICT Area and the management corporate applications, whenever the Area is responsible for them. Support is not given to server applications or to Unix.
  • Technical assistance for technical problem solution of users equipment, provided that they belong to the USC.  The diagnosis of the incident is developed and it is repaired, but the cost is charged to the user.

The communication of the incidents can be done:

  • Via the Web application form to notify incidents.
    In this way the incident is immediately processed 24 hours at day. The response time will depend on the workload of the technicians assigned to it.
  • Via telephone, exceptionally, on 55555 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Once the incident has been notified, it will follow the same process as if it were notified via the web application.