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University Residence Halls (SUR)

Photograph of a university residence hall room


Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes, Cultura y Formación Continua
Servicio de Ayudas y Servicios al Alumnado
Pavillón estudantil, 1º andar, Campus Vida
15782 Santiago de Compostela
Tlf.: 881 814 574 / 575/ 582
Fax.: 881 814 559


Private and public USC Residence Halls constitute the so-called SUR Residence Halls, with its own legal system stated in the Regulations passed, on 14 June 1998, by the USC Governing Board and, on the other hand, in the Internal Regulations of each centre.

The SUR comprises the "Rodríguez Cadarso", "San Clemente" and "Fonseca" private Residence Halls, the "Burgo das Nacións" and "Monte da Condesa" public Halls, at the Campus of Santiago, and the "Jesús Bal y Gay" Residence Hall at the Campus of Lugo. The management team of each one of these Residence Halls is composed of individual Wardens and of one or two sub-wardens, depending on the accommodation places available.

The SUR provides accommodation to students and other University community members, and also to other people who, although they do not belong to this University, participate in activities organized by it. In addition to providing accommodation, the SUR promotes comprehensive education of residents through participation in cultural, social and sport activities. To support this, collaboration scholarships (library, computer, socio-cultural, sport scholarships, etc.) are available to the SUR residents, all of them provided by the Vice-rectorate for Students and Continuing Education during the first term of the academic year.

To this end, the Vice-rectorate for Students, Cultur and Continuing Education publishes annually the regulations of the call for accommodation (around 1500) for degree, master, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycle students, researches in training, postgraduate and CAP (Pedagogical Training Course) students, teachers and research staff, PAS (Administrative and Service Staff), visitors, exchange programme students and students with special needs. The call for the academic year is published in June, opening the process which ends with the final awarding of places in September. This call, which must be approved by the Governing Board, includes, among other aspects, the admission criteria, scale, and the number of vacancies for each category of the University community. The summer call is published in May and finishes at the beginning of July.

All private and public residence halls have the same rates depending on the type of room (single or double). The accommodation vacancies for students are subsidised taking into account the personal income of applicants according to five levels. However, those incomes which exceed a established limit are not subsidised.