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 AEID. Vol. 15-2 July_December of 2015

International Comparisons

Economic Growth and Growth in Human Development, Grubaugh, S.G. Abstract

Entry Into Export Markets And Quality Certifications: Evidence From Developing Countries, Bangwayo-Skeete, P.F., Moore, W.R. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Input-output linkages and network contagion in Greece: demand and supply  view. Garcia, S., Ramos, C. Abstract  

Trade Openness and FDI Inflows in Turkey, Guris, S., Gozgor, K. Abstract

Model of Economic Growth in Russia under Conditions of Integration into the World Economy, Skiter, N., Semenychev, V., Litvinova, T.N. Abstract

Ways of Possible Use of Foreign Experience in Mechanism of Tax: Reduction for Individuals in Russia. Nemirova, G.I., Tyurina , Y.G. Abstract


Monetary Policy, Financial Risk Mitigation and Unemployment in the United States, Warburton, C.E.S., Booser, R. Abstract

A Stochastic Walk Down Mexicos Mesoamerican Frontier, 1990-2011, Brock, G., Ogloblin, C. Abstract

 Latin American Remittances Dependence On External Shocks, Vacaflores, D.E., Beckworth, D. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Inequality In Education In The MENA Region: A Macroeconometric Investigation Using Normative Indicators, Ibourk, A., Amaghouss, J. Abstract

Macroeconomic and Financial Stability: Stress Testing of the Impacts of Macroeconomic Shocks on Credit/Asset Quality of Banking System in Kuwait based on Macro Econometric Model of Kuwait, Hoque, A. Abstract

Hazard analysis for interval-censored duration of non-employment: school-to-work transition of vocational training graduates in Morocco, Teyssier, L.S., Zaaj, N. Abstract

Asia and Pacific

Migration and Bilateral Trade Flows: Evidence from India and OECD countries, Sandeep, K. Abstract

Sectoral Occupational Transformation in India: Old Concerns and New Directions, Behera, D.K. Abstract


AEID. Vol. 15-1. January-June 2015

International Comparisons

Saving-investment Dynamics and capital Mobility in the BRICS, Behera, S.R. Abstract

Corruption centralization, investments, and growth, Nuryyev, G., Hickson, C. Abstract

Reciprocity in bilateral trade flows: An empirical analysis for trade between Australia and Latin American countries, Gonzslez, G.H., Esposto, A.S., , Valentina N. Viego, V.N. Abstract


Europe and Eurasia

Spatial Centrality: An Approach with Sectoral Linkages, Crespo, N., Fontoura, M.P., Simoes, N.  Abstract

Infrastructural Support of Electronic Payment Systems Markets In Russia, Smetanina, A.I., Morozova, I.A. Abstract  


On wealth volatility, asymmetries and the average propensity to consume in the United States, Holmes, M.J., Shen, X.  Abstract  

Comparative Analysis of Economic Crises and Lessons for the Future: From the Bank Panic of 1907 to the Great Depression of 1929 and the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 1980s, Metaxas, T., Trompatzi, G.  Abstract

Finding international Fisher effect to determine the exchange rate through the purchasing power parity theory: the case of Mexico during the period 1996-2012, Salas-Ortiz, A., Gomez-Monge, R.  Abstract  

Africa and Middle East

Are exports and imports of Saudi Arabia cointegrated? An empirical study, Haque, M.I  Abstract

Causal Relationship Between Financial Development And Economic Growth In South Africa, Ghartey, E.E. Abstract  

Estimating Demand Function For Electricity In Industrial Sector Of Iran Using Structural Time Series Model (STSM), Shirani Fakhr, Z., Khoshakhlagh, R., Alimorad, S.  Abstract  

Asia and Pacific

Provincial Clustering: Effects on Empirical Economic Development in Southern Thailand, Chairat, K.,  Santipolavut, S.,  Supachart Sukharomana, S. Abstract  

Industrial Agglomeration, Clusters, and Regional New Firm Formation: A Case Study of Taiwans Counties/Cities,  Chen, C.C.  Abstract  


 AEID. Vol. 14-2 July_December of 2014

International Comparisons

Time Dynamics of Stabilization Theories and Responses to Debt and Financial Crises: An Analysis of Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria and Ghana, 1960-2011, Warburton, C.E.S. Abstract

Absorptive Capacity Compared: Evidence from Sectoral Data of OECD, Asian and Latin American countries, Montinari, L., Rochlitz, M. Abstract

The Effect of Labor Composition Index on Economic Development: Analysis of 18 countries for the period 1990-2010, Ozerkek, Y.  Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Expatriates Performance and Permanence: Analysis by Gender of 124 Spanish Managers , Bastida, M., Cancelo, M.T.  Abstract

Exchange Market Pressure and Regional Price Spillovers in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, Hegerty, S.W. Abstract


Supporting the Development of Municipal Water Policy: A study of the United States with Implications for Other Nations, Edwards, J.A., Romero, A.A., Pumphrey, R.G. Abstract

Product Varieties, Extensive and Intensive Margins of Trade: Evidence From Canada, Islam, S.  Abstract

Remittances, International Reserves, And Exchange Rate Regimes In 9 Latin American Countries, 1997-2010, Vacaflores, D.E., Kishan, R. Abstract

Foreign Direct Investment of Spain in Latin America: Brazil, Argentina And Mexico, Martinez, E., Jareo, F.  Abstract

A Gravity Model Approach to Analyzing the Trade Performance of CARICOM Member States, Alleyne, A., Lorde, T.  Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Is Monetary Policy in Egypt Backward or Forward-Looking?, Hosny, A.S.  Abstract

Economic Freedom And Foreign Direct Investment In ECOWAS Countries: A Panel Data Analysis, Ajide, K.B., Eregha, P.B .  Abstract


Female Income and Expenditure on Children: Impact of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India, Bhupal, G. Abstract

Effects of Fiscal, Monetary, and Exchange rate policies on Output in 12 the Selected Asian Economies, 1974-2007, Hussain, M.M., Hoang, N.  Abstract

Econometric Model of Manufacturing, Investment and Development In 30 Countries of Asia-Pacific, Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E., Exposito, P.  Abstract


AEID. VoL. 14-1. January-June of 2014

International Comparisons

New Prospects of Economic Growth in Context of Underdevelopment Whirlpools Phenomena,Popkova, E.G.  Abstract  

On The Impact Of Public Debt On Economic Growth In 23 Countries, 1996-2007, Dar, A.A., Amirkhalkhali, S.A. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Effects of Corporate Taxation and Bilateral Tax Treaties on European Multinationals Investment. A Multi-Country Analysis, 2005-2009, Marques, M., Pinho, C Abstract  

FDI, Exchange Rate, and Economic Growth in Hungary, 1995-2012: Causality and Cointegration Analysis, Komuves, Z., Ramirez, M.D. Abstract  

Growth Maximizing Tax Rate for Uzbekistan, Abdullaev, B., Konya, L. Abstract


Revisiting the Impacts of Domestic and Foreign Technology Spillovers on Canadian Industries, Nikzad, R. Abstract  

Investigating the Business Cycle Properties of Remittances to the Caribbean, 1970-2009, Jackman, M. Abstract

Financial Inclusion of the Poor in Peru: Explanatory factors and determinants, Marr, A., Leon, J., Ponce,F. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Are Exports and Imports Cointegrated? Evidence from Nine MENA Countries, Husein, J.  Abstract   

The Impact Of Country Risk Components On Algeria Attractiveness For Foreign Direct Investments, 1990-2012, Sissani, M., Belkacem, Z. Abstract  

Assessing the Determinants of Export Diversification in Africa, Elhiraika, A.B., Mbate, M.M.  Abstract   

Agricultural Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth: Is there a connection in Sub-Saharan Africa? Chikhuri, K.   Abstract

The evolution and contribution of technological progress to the South African economy: Growth accounting and Kalman filter application, Inglesi-Lotz, R., Van Eyden, R., Du Toit, C. Abstract


To What Extent Are The Social Inequality Impacts Of FDI In The Selected ASEAN?, Ridzuan, A.R., Noor, A.H.M., Ahmed, E.M. Abstract

The Current Account Deficits: A Case of Indian Economy, Seshaiah, S.V. Abstract

Economic Growth, Foreign Direct Investment, Macroeconomic Conditions and Sustainability in Malaysia, Othman, J., Jafari, Y., Sarmidi, T.   Abstract

AEID. Vol. 13-2. July-December of 2013

International Comparisons

History of the Global Business Environment in the Polycyclic Conceptual Framework and Estimation of Econometric Models of World Development 1950-2010, Kokodey, T.A.  Abstract

Macro-Econometric Models of Supply and Demand: Industry, Trade and Wages in 6 Countries, 1960-2012 , Guisan, M.C.  Abstract  

Europe and Eurasia

Services Sectors Concentration: the European Union and the New Economic Geography, Krenz, A.  Abstract

Oil Price Shocks and  The Business Cycle in Spain: Is The 2008 Financial Crisis Different? Frias, I.  Abstract

Exploring The Coherence and The Meaning Of Territorial Competition: Do National States Behave In The Same Way As Firms In Case Of Default? The Cases Of Greece And Dubai, Kapitsinis, N., Metaxas, T., Duquenne, M.N.  Abstract


When Markets Fail: Asset Prices, Government Expenditures, And Velocity Of Money In The US Economy, 1957-2011, Warburton, C.E.S. Abstract  

A Panel Cointegration Analysis Of The Canadian Trade Balance, 2002-2011, Khedhiri, S.  Abstract

 Home And Host Country Business Cycles And Remittances: The Case Of El Salvador And The Dominican Republic, Borja, K.  Abstract  

Aggregated Choice Data and Logit Models: Application to Environmental Benign Practices of Conservation Tillage by Farmers in the United States, Kurkalova, L.A., Wade, T.R.  Abstract

Africa and Middle East

The Relationship between Real and Banking Sectors in Jordan, Alawin, M., Al-Muhaissen, T. and Merza, E  Abstract 

The Competitiveness of the Egyptian Agricultural Export in the EU Market; Should Egypt Diversify its Trade Pattern? , Torayeh, N.M.  Abstract

Learning-by-Exporting and Destination Effects: Evidence from African SMEs, Boermans, M.A.  Abstract

African Economic Growth Prospects: A Resource Curse Perspective, Maswana,J.C., Farooki, M Abstract


Asia and Pacific

Chinas Exports and Foreign Direct Investment, Bhatt, P.R.  Abstract  

National Savings and Foreign Capital In Pakistan, 1960-2010, Afzal, M. Abstract

Almost Ideal Demand System and Uniform Taxation in Pakistan: Econometric Evidences for Consumer Goods in Pakistan, 1984-2008, Ahmed, E., Jalil, A., Idrees, M.  Abstract

Determinants of Passenger Rail Demand In Perth, Australia: A Time Series Analysis, Wijeweera, A., Charles, M.B. Abstract


AEID. Vol 13-1. January-June of 2013

 International Comparisons

The EFA Development Index and Per Capita GDP: A Quantile Regression Approach in A Cross-Section of 123 Countries for Year 2007, Islam, S.  Abstract

Is There Feed-Back Between Economic Freedom and Economic Growth: A Comparative Granger-Causality Test Based On Quartiles, Webster, A.L. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Employment, Productivity And Wages In European Regions: Econometric Model Of 96 Nuts-1 In Year 2010, Guisan, M.C., Vazquez, E. Abstract  

Labor Market Rigidity And Foreign Direct Investment: The Case Of Europe, Mogab, J., Kishan, R., Vacaflores, D.E. Abstract

Co-movement of Index Linked Bonds and Conventional Bonds in France: Subprime Crisis and Structural Break, 2003-2012, Benlagha, N. Abstract

Unemployment And Labor Force Participation: A Panel Cointegration Analysis For European Countries, Ozerkek, Y. Abstract


Comparing the Speed of Convergence in American Integration Areas, Sperlich, Y. Abstract

The Relationship between Domestic Credit and Income: Evidence from Latin America, Gozgor,G.,Gozgor, K. Abstract

Gender differences between remittances and labor participation in developing countries: A cross-section analysis of Colombia in year 2008, Mora, J.J. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Aid And Growth: A Comparative Study Between Sub-Saharan Africa And Asia, Ferreira, I.A.R., Simoes, M.C.N. Abstract

Financial Development And Economic Growth In Saudi Arabian Economy, Ibrahim, M.A. Abstract


FDI Through The Imitation Procedure: The Case of China, Metaxas, T., Kechagia, P. Abstract

Causal Relationship between Exports, FDI and Income: The case of Vietnam, Bhatt, P.R. Abstract

An Empirical Study on the importance of Remittance and Educational Expenditure on Growth: Case of the Philippines, Tchantchane, A., Rodrigues, G., Fortes, P.C.  Abstract

Do Capital Inflows Cause Currency Black Markets In MENA Countries?  Causality Tests For Heterogeneous Panel, Suliman, O Abstract

The Impact of Stock Market Development on Inflation and Economic Growth of 16 Asian Countries:  A Panel VAR Approach, Pradhan, R.P., Arvin, M.B., Samadhan, B., Taneja, S. Abstract



AEID. Vol. 12-2. July-December of 2012.

International Comparisons

A Cross-national Panel Study of Devaluations on Disaggregated Export Sectors: A Case for Sector Specific Policies, Cantavella-Jord, M., Amin Gutierrez de Pieres, S. Abstract  

ISI and New Industrial Conditions in Latin America and Africa, Warburton, C.E.S Abstract

On Explaining Inter-Country Differences in Economic Growth Rates of OECD countries for 1996-2008: Does Regulatory Quality Matter?, AmirKhalkhali, S., Dar, A.A. Abstract  

Microfinance Social Performance:A Global Empirical Study, Marr, A., Awaworyi, S. Abstract

Development Aid, Corruption, and the Happiness of Nations: Analysis of 118 countries, 1996-2009, Arvin, M.B., Lew, B., Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Relationships between EU-MERCOSUR: Analysis of Economic Complementarities in Association Agreement, Sanchez-Diez, A., Ruiz-Huelamo, P. Abstract

Energy Production And Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence From Turkey, Ozkan, F., Ozkan, O., Kuyuk, H.S.  Abstract


The Different Crowd Out Effects Of Tax Cut And Spending Deficits in the United States, Heim, J.J.  Abstract

Macro Shocks and Real US Stock Prices with Special Focus on the Great Recession, Gupta, R., Inglesi-Lotz, R.  Abstract


The Multidimensional Approach to Poverty Measurement: Case of Morocco, El Bouhadi, A., Elkhider, A., Kchirid, E.M. Abstract

Impact Of Investment In Information And Communication Technology On Performance And Growth Of Microfinance Institutions In Uganda, Musa, M., Akodo, R., Mukooza, M., Kaliba, A.R., Mbarika, V.M. Abstract

Estimating Effects Of Constraints On Food Security In Malawi: Policy Lessons From Regressions Quantiles, Matchaya, G.C., Chilonda, P. Abstract

Asia and Pacific

Jordan WTO Accession: A Quantitative Investigation and Estimation of a Gravity Model 1994-2009, Saqfalhait, N.  Abstract

Savings and Investment in India: The Feldstein Horioka Puzzle, Seshaiah, S. V. Abstract

AEID. Vol 12-1. January-June of 2012

International Comparisons

Fiscal Deficits, Current Deficits and Investment: A Panel Causality Framework of 20 OECD countries, Miteza, I. Abstract

Civil Liberties and Access to Water: Analysis of 140 countries, Biser, J.J, Edwards, J.A. Abstract

Crisis Exacerbated Fiscal Deficits and Possible Impact on FDI Flows: An Empirical Analysis of Emerging Europe and India, Bose, S., Jha, S. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Business Competitiveness In The Service-Producing Sector: Implementation To Mainland Portugal, Pereira, O.P., Correia, I.M. Abstract

Testing The Validity of Economic Growth Theories With Seemingly Unrelated Regression Models: Application To Turkey In 1980-2010, Sumer, K.K. Abstract  


Globalization and Structural Change in the US Manufacturing Sector, 1987-2010, Warburton, C.E.S.Abstract

Does Foreign Direct Investment cause long run Economic Growth? Evidence from the Latin America and the Caribbean Countries, Oladipo, O.S. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Merchandise Export Demand Function For Egypt: A Panel Data Analysis, 1990-2008, Ibrahim, M.A.Abstract

Economic Development and Structural Breaks: An Application of the Lee and Strazicich(2003) Lagrange Multiplier Test to the Libyan Economy, 1970-2007, Ali, I., Verma, R.Abstract

Bound Cointegration Test on Private Investments Equation: Evidence from Saudi Economy, Ghassan, H.B., Alhajhof, H.R.Abstract

Industrial Time Series of Nigeria, 1970-2009: Evolution and Unit Root Testing in the Presence of Multiple Endogenous Structural Breaks, Nyon, M.O,, Udah, E.B. Abstract

Asia and Pacific

Investment, Poverty and Development in Asia-Pacific Countries: Econometric Models and Evolution, 2000-2010, Guisan, M.C., Exposito, P. Abstract

Revisiting the Relationship between Coal Consumption and Economic Growth: Cointegration and Causality Analysis in Pakistan, Shahbaz, M., Dube, S. Abstract

Do Structural Transformation and Trade Liberalisation Cause Economic Growth in Pakistan, Afzal, M. Abstract


AEID. Vol. 11-2. July-December of 2011.

International Comparisons

Technology Gap, Catching-up and Outward Orientation: Analysis of 63 countries,  Iyer, K. Abstract

On the Impact of Openness and Regulatory Quality on Saving- Investment Dynamics in Emerging Economies, Dar, A., Amirkhalkhali, S. Abstract

Effects of Health Systems and Socioeconomic Factors in Reducing Child Mortality in Developing Countries: Empirical Results from System Generalised Method of Moments, Kamiya, Y. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Industry, Foreign Trade and Employment in EU Countries; Comparison of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK  with the United States, Guisan, M.C. Abstract   

Shaping The Image Of Bulgaria As Fdi Destination In Southeastern Europe: The Course After 1989, Metaxas, T. And Tsavdaridou, M.  Abstract   

Dynamic Linkages Among Foreign Direct Investment, Public Investment and Private Investment: Evidence From Turkey, Saglam, B.B, Yalta, A.Y. article      Abstract     


The J-Curve for the relationship between Pollution Abatement Expenditure and Income per capita:  A New Empirical Investigation from US Regional Data, Das, M. and Mukherjee, D.   Abstract

Was Latin America Correct In Relying In Foreign Direct Investment To Improve Employment Rates?, Vacaflores, Diego E. Abstract

Testing for Stochastic and β-convergence in Latin American Countries, Escobari, D.  Abstract  

Africa and Middle East

Foreign Aid and the Real Exchange Rate in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), Uneze, E.  Abstract  

Output, Electricity Consumption And Exports In Nigeria And Ghana: Evidence From Multivariate Causality Test, Oderinde, L.O., Isola, W.A.  Abstract

Spatial Inequality: Overcoming Neighborhood Effects in Africa, Ngeleza, G.K.;  Florax, Raymond J.G.M. and MASTERS, William A.  Abstract


Energy Consumption, CO2 Emission and Economic Growth: A Revisit of the Evidence from India, Tiwari, A.K.  Abstract

Enhancing Trade Flows in ASEAN Plus Six,  Suvannaphakdy,S.,  Toyoda, T.,  Czerkawski,C.   Abstract 



AEID.Vol. 11-1. January-June of 2011

International Comparisons

Health Care Efficiency Across Countries: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis, Ogloblin, C. Abstract

Financial Globalization and Inflation In Developing Countries: A Reappraisal, Miles, W. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Women Participation, Quality of Government and Economic Development in Europe, 2000-2007, Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E.   Abstract

Quantify Trust In The European Countries,  Portela, M., Neira, I.   Abstract

Real Exchange Rate, Foreign Trade and Real Output Growth: The Case of Spain, 1970-2009, Hsing, Y. and Guisan, M.C.  Abstract

On The Twin Deficits Hypothesis: Evidence From Turkey, Kiran, B. Abstract


The Economic Effects  on NAFTA of  Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreements, Islam, S.Abstract

The Importance of Macroeconomic Conditions on Remittances in the Long-run and in the Short-run: the Case of Mexico, Castillo-Ponce, R.A, Rodriguez-Espinosa, M.L and Garcia-Meneses, E. Abstract

Foreign Direct Investment and its Determinants in the Chilean Case: Single Break Unit Root and Cointegration Analysis, Ramirez,  Miguel D. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Manufactured Exports and Economic Growth In Egypt: Cointegration and Causality Analysis, Torayeh, N. Abstract

Microfinance Regulation In Jordan: A Comparative Perspective With Mena Countries And Other Areas, Saqfalhait, N., Abstract

Foreign AID and the Real Exchange Rate in the West African  Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), Uneze, E.   Abstract  


FDIs Country of Origin and Output Growth: The Case of Malaysias Manufacturing Sector, 1991-2006, Gee C.S and Karim M.Z. Abstract

Monetary Policy, Construction Sector Output and Housing Prices in India: An Emerging Economy Perspective, Mallick, H.Abstract

Energy-GDP Causal Relationship for Pakistan: A Graph Theoretic Approach, Asghar, Z. and Rahat, T.  Abstract

AEID Vol, 10-2 July-December 2010


International Comparisons

 Worker remittances in international growth regressions: The problem of collinearity, Ziesemer, H.W. Abstract

What Determines Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries?: A Panel Data Analysis, Simsek, S.,  Sekmen, F., Ak, M.Z. Abstract

Technology, factor endowments, and specialization in OECD countries: the role of variable capital utilization, Shikher, S.Abstract  

Economic Freedom And Economic Well-Being:A Granger Causality Analysis Of 49 Countries, 19952004, Saribas, H. Abstract

Increasing Private Capital Flows to Developing Countries:The Role of Physical and Financial Infrastructure in 58 countries, 1970-2003, Kinda T. Abstract  

GDP Growth Volatility and Regional Free Trade Agreements, Edwards, J  Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Exploring regional convergence: evidence from 19 European countries, 1991-2008, Andrade, C., Pinho, C., Pinho, M.F. Abstract

Consumer Confidence, Stock Prices and Exchange Rates: The Case of Turkey, Gormus, S. And Gunes S. Abstract

Determinants of Current Account: The Relation between Internal and External Balances in Turkey,  Uz, I. Abstract


Education, Gender Equality, Social Well-Being and Economic Development in American Countries, 2000-2010, Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. Abstract

A study of size effect and macroecomics factors in New York Exchange Stock Returns, Shubita, M.F., Al-Sharkas, A. A. Abstract

Government Expenditures and Revenues Causation: Some Caribbean Empirical Evidence, Ghartey, E. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in the MENA Region: A Multivariate Cointegration, Causality and Stability Analysis, Husein, J. Abstract

Can Economic Growth Be Pro-Poor In Morocco? The No-Monetary Approach , El Bouhadi, A., Elkhider, A, and Kchirid, E.M. Abstract

Foreign Private Investment and Economic Growth in Nigeria, Osinubi, T.S. and Amaghionyeodiwe, L.A.  Abstract  


Inequality, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Asia, Majeed, M.T.  Abstract

Testing The Aid-Growth Nexus For South Asia, Kaosar, A;  Idrees, M.  Abstract


AEID Vol, 10-1 January-June 2010


International Comparisons

Consequences of Debt Relief Initiatives in the 1990s, Hepp, R. Abstract  

The Relationship between C02 and Sulphur Emissions with Income: An Alternative Explanation to The Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis, Cancelo, M.T. Abstract

How Robust is the Relationship between Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth? Hodges, H. and Knabb, S.D. Abstract

Do Potential Technological Spillovers Matter for How Trade Restrictions or Openness Affect Economic Growth?, Kahnamoui, F. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Does sectors distribution at the European NUTS 2 level fit into a Von Thnen framework?, Romocea-Turcu, C. Abstract

Determinant Factors of Structural Similarity at the Regional Level: Evidence from Portugal, Crespo, N. and Fontoura, M.P. Abstract

Cointegration Analysis of Tourism Demand for Turkey, Ketency, N. Abstract


Storms, Climate Change, and the US Economy: A National Analysis, Saad-Lessler, J. and Tselioudis, G.Abstract

U. S. Demand for Different Types of Imported and Domestic Investment Goods, Heim, J.J. Abstract

Oil Prices and Current Account Deficits: Analysis of Causality in The USA, Bildirici, M.E., Alp, E.A., Bakirtas T. Abstract

Estimating Output Gap, Core Inflation, and the NAIRU for Peru, Rodriguez, G. Abstract

Africa and  Middle East

Modelling the Asymmetric Effects of Inflation on Real Investment in Iran, 1959-2008, Kamalian, A.R., Pahlavani, M. & Valadkhani, A. Abstract

Convergence of Metropolitan House Prices in South Africa: A Re-Examination Using Efficient Unit Root Tests, Das, S., Gupta, R. and Kaya, P.A.  Abstract


The Nexus of Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Income:  Evidence From Singapore, Lee, C.G.  Abstract

The Role of FDI Intensity in Achieving Productivity Driven Growth in Malaysian Economy,  Ahmed, E. M.  Abstract

Will Indias Trade Deficit ever Converge to Zero?- an application of Bounds Testing Approach to co-integration, Khokhar, J.S Abstract

Intellectual Property Rights and Foreign Direct Investment: Analysis of 14 South and South East Asian Countries, 1970-2005, Khan, M.A., Samad, G.  Abstract


AEID Vol, 9-2 July-December 2009


International Comparisons

Trading Partner Volatility and the Ability for a Country to Cope: A Panel GMM Model,1970-2005 Edwards, J. Abstract  

The impact of the political liberalization-economic freedom nexus on economic growth, 1970-2000, Chu, Y.P., and Kong, T.Y. Abstract

The dissociation between emissions and economic growth: The role of shocks exogenous to the environmental Kuznets Curve Model, Diaz-Vazquez, M. R. Abstract

A Note on Infant Mortality and Foreign Health-Aid, Elsy T Kizhakethalackal Abstract

Monetary Approach to ExchangeRate Determination: The Case of Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan and Turkey,1986-2006, Uz, I. and Dalan, M. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

An Empirical Approach to Trust and Growth in the European Countries, Neira, I. Abstract

The Monetary Transmission Mechanisms in the CEECs: A Structural VAR Approach, Oros, C. and Romocea-Turcu, C. Abstract

The Contribution of Equipment Leasing in the Error-Correction Model of Investment in Machinery and Equipment: Evidence from Italy, Zanin, L. Abstract


U.S. Demand For Different Types of Imported and Domestic Investment Goods, Heim, Abstract

Time-series Tests of Stochastic Earnings Convergence across US Nonmetropolitan Counties, 1969-2004, Genc, I.H, and Anil Rupasingha, A. Abstract


Poverty, Government Transfers, and the Business Cycle: Evidence for The United States, Herzer, D. and Klump, R. Abstract

Estimating Indexes of Coincident and Leading Indicators for Barbados, Cotrie, G., Craigwell, R., Maurin, A. Abstract

Africa and Middle East

Growth Intensity of Employment In Africa: A Panel Data Approach, Kamgnia, D.B. Abstract

Human Capital in Africa:  Technical Change, Efficiency and Productivity, Jaunky, V.C. Abstract

Is Foreign Direct Investment Growth Conductive? New Evidences from Sub-Saharan African countries,1980-2005 Seetanah, B. Abstract

Wagners Law and Social Welfare: The Case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Wijeweera, A. and  Garis. D. Abstract


Direct Foreign Investments In India: Potential & Performance of FDI Inflows from United States as Strategic Major Investor, Vazquez Rozas, E., Vadlamannati, K.C. Abstract

 Spillover Effect of Infrastructure and Regional Gap in China, Huang, B. and Ding, F.  Abstract



AEID. Vol. 9-1. January-June 2009

International Comparisons


Functional Forms and PPP: The Case of Canada, the EU, Japan, and the U.K., Hsing, Y. Abstract  

Investment, Human Capital and Institutions: A Multi-equational Approach for the Study of Economic Growth, 1985-2000 Gimenez, G. and  Sanau, J. Abstract  

Does Temperature Affect Labor Productivity: Cross-Country Evidence, Yildirim, K., Koyuncu, C., Koyuncu J. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Government Effectiveness, Education, Economic Development and Well-Being: Analysis of European Countries in Comparison with the United States and Canada, 2000-2007, Guisan, M.C. Abstract

Multivariate methods in examining macroeconomic variables effect on Greek stock market returns, 1997-2004, Michailidis, G. Abstract

Neural Networks to Detect Nonlinearities in Time Series: Analysis of Business Cycle in France and the United Kingdom, Kiani, K.M.Abstract



Bilateral Relationship between Consumption and GDP in Mexico and the USA: A Comment, Gomez Zaldivar, M. and Ventosa-Santaularia, D. Abstract

Effects of Measurement on Inferences: An Application to Money Demand and Related Variables in the United States, by Al-Sharkas, A.A. and Lozi, B.M. Abstract

US FDI flows to ASEAN-5: Do Geographic Neighbors Matter?, Kemegue, F.  and Mohan, R. Abstract

Public Capital Formation  and Labor Productivity Growth in Argentina, Ramirez, M.D. Abstract


Africa and Middle East

Economic Exposure to Exchange Rates: Econometric Model of the Rate of Return of Firms in Jordan, 2004-2007, Shotar, M.M. and El-Mefleh, M.A. Abstract

Half-Life Deviations from PPP in the South African Development Community (SADC), Thabo M. Mokoena, T.M., Gupta, R. and Van Eyden, R. Abstract



Stock Prices And Its Relation With Crude Oil Prices And Exchange Rates in India,  Seshaiah, S.V.  and Behera, C. Abstract

Financial Development and Economic Growth in Sri Lanka, Perera, N. y  Paudel, R.C. Abstract

VAR Analysis of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Vietnam, Le,  H. V. and Pfau, W.D. Abstract

An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Rural Labour Migration Using a Multinomial Logit Model, Chen, G. and Hamori, S. Abstract

Stock Returns-Inflation Relation in India, 1980-2004, Shanmugam, K.R. and Misra, B. S. Abstract

Testing the Modified-Combined PPP and UIP Hypothesis in South Asian Economies, Rashid, A. Abstract


AEID. Vol. 8-2. July-December 2008

International Comparisons

Exports and Economic Growth. A Re-Examination of the Causality Relation in Six Countries, 1981-2005, Nushiwat, M.  Abstract

Trade Balances and the Terms of Trade in G-7 Countries: Panel Cointegration Approach, Hamori, S. Abstract

The Impact of GATT on International Trade: Evidence from Structural Break Analysis, Abu-Bader, S. and Abu-Qarn, A.S. Abstract

Why There Is Debate Over Labor Market Institutions: A Perspective On Long-Term Unemployment Rate, Ding, H. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Quality of Life and Subjective Welfare in Europe: An Econometric Analysis, Somarriba, N. and Pena, B. N Abstract

Foreign Investment and Transition in Central/Eastern Europe along the Phase Curve, Hartarska, V. and Thompson, H. Abstract

An Empirical Analysis of Debt Policies, External Dependence, Inflation and Crisis In the Ottoman Empire and Turkey: 1800-2005 Period, Bildirici, M., Ersin, O.O., Aykac, E. Abstract


Health, Education and Economic Growth: Testing For Long-Run Relationships and Causal Links in The United States, Aka, B. F. and Dumont, J.C. Abstract

Economic Integration In North America,  Castillo-Ponce, R.A. and Ramirez-Acosta, R.J. Abstract

Sectoral Output, Growth and Economic Linkages in the Barbados Economy Over the Past Five Decades, Craigwell, R., Downes, D., Greenidge, K. and Steadman, K. Abstract

Africa and Mena countries

Divergence in Per Capita Electric Power Consumption: An African Perspective, Jaunky  Abstract

Does Policy Interest Rate Have Asymmetric Adjustment: Case of Jordan,  Sweidan, O.D.  Abstract

Inflationary Expectations in Ethiopia: Some Preliminary Results,  Loening, J., Gounder, R. and Takada, H.  Abstract

Are Indian Exports and Imports Cointegrated?, Konya, L. and Singh, J.P. Abstract

Trade Liberalization and Income Inequality in India:A Poisson Distributed-Lag Analysis, Agarwal, V., Paelinck, J.H.P., Reinert, K.A., Stough, R.R.  Abstract

An Econometric Model of Industry, Trade and Economic Development of Philippines, 1990-2006, Guisan, M.C. and Exposito, P.  Abstract

Aeid Vol. 8-1. January-June 2008

International Comparisons

Growth and Convergence, 1950-2003. What Can We Learn From the Solow Model?, Karras, G.   Abstract         

What Does the Human Development Index Tell Us about Convergence?, Konya, L. and Guisan, M.C. Abstract

The Baumol-Balassa-Samuelson Effect Over One Century, Razgallah,    Abstract

Forecasting Market Crashes: Does Density Specification Matter?, Del Brio, E.B., and Perote, J.      Abstract  


Europe and Eurasia

On Wage Formation, Wage Development and Flexibility: A Comparison Between European Countries and The United States, Peeters. H.M.M. and Den Reijer, A.H.J.    Abstract                                 

The Effect of Unionization on Poverty in the Turkish Labor Market, Cankal,E. and Sekmen,F.     Abstract  

Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Turkey, Ozturk, I.        Abstract                  



Knowledge-Based Labor Productivity Improvements: Canada Case Study, Khazabi, M. and Fallahi, F. Abstract

Non-linear Trend Stationarity and Co-Trending in Latin American Real Exchange Rates, Holmes, M.J. Abstract

Co-Movements between Foreign and Domestic Interest Rates in a Fixed Exchange Rate Regime: The Case of the ECCU and The US, Grenade, K. and Moore, W.     Abstract                        


Africa and Mena countries                   

Health Care Expenditure and GDP: An African Perspective, Jaunky, V.C. and  Khadaroo, A. J. Abstract

A Contribution to the Analysis of the Economic Growth of Qatar, El-Mefleh, M.A. and Shotar, M.M.   Abstract

Revisiting the Export-Output Nexus for Western Africa Countries: A Markov Switching Causality Approach, Aka, Bedia F.   Abstract



EnergyGdp Relationship: A Causal Analysis For The Five Countries of South Asia: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, Asghar, Z. Abstract

Patents, Innovations and Economic Growth in Japan and South Korea: Evidence from Individual Country and Panel Data, Sinha, D. Abstract

A VAR Analysis on the Determinants of FDI Inflows: The Case of Sri Lanka, Wijeweera,A., Mounter, S. Abstract


Vol 7-2. July-December 2007


International Comparisons

Socio-economic Determinants of Development in World Economy, 1820-2005GELİŞMENİN BELİRLEYİCİLERİ    Bildirici and Sunal Abstract

Losing The Edge At The Final Frontier: A Relative Decline In Scientific Inputs And Its Consequences, Choudhary, A.B.  And  Resulak, M.


Telecommunications Infrastructure And Economic Growth: Evidence From Developing Countries Sridhar, K.S. and Sridhar, V.  Abstract     

Europe and Eurasia

Nonlinear Dynamics Within Macroeconomic Factors And Stock Market In Portugal, 1993-2003 Dionisio,A. Menezes,R.  Mendes,D. and Da Silva, J.V.   Abstract

Cointegration And Causality Among Exchange Rate, Export, And Import: Empirical Evidence From TurkeySekmen, F. and Sarıbas, H.



Canadas Trade Relations with China, Islam, S. Abstract

Are Taylor-Based Monetary Policy Rules Forward-Looking? An Investigation of the USA Using Superexogeneity Tests, Sooreea, R. Abstract

Can The Normality of The Semi Variance Be Improved? Evidence From Financial Stock Indexes With Hourly, Daily, Quarterly And Annual Data Of DJIA And SP500, Eldomiaty, T.I.Abstract

Is there a North American Business Cycle? Analysis for 1963-2002,Rosmy J.L. and  Simons, D. Abstract

Market Discipline Effects of Trade Liberalization: Micro-Level Evidence from Ecuador, 1997-2003, Wong, S.A.Abstract

Africa and Mena countries

Education, Development and Health Expenditure in Africa: A cross-section model of 39 countries in 2000-2005, Guisan, M.C. and Exposito; P.Abstract

Export Diversification and The Dilemma of  African Development, Osakwe, Patrick N.Abstract

The Saving-Investment Relationships: A Markov Switching Causality Analysis of Cote dIvoire and Ghana, Aka, F.B.Abstract

Compensating the Poor out of Traditional Healing in Cameroon: A Nested Logit Analysis, Kamgnia, D. B.Abstract

Estimating Long-Run Elasticities Of Jordanian Import Demand Function: 1980-2004. An Application Of Dynamic Ols       Hussain, M.A.      Abstract                   


 Socioeconomic Determinants of School Progression in Pakistan     Siddiqui, A.,Iram, U.Abstract 

Explaining The Gaps In Labour Productivity In Some Developed Countries: New Zealand, Australia, The United States And Canada,  1988-2004       Razzak, W.A. Abstract

Structural Breaks In Trade And Income Per Capita In ASEAN-5 Countries: An Application Of Innovational Outlier Models, Jayanthakumaran, K., Pahlavani, M.Abstract

Bank Lending Channel For Monetary Policy Transmission In Malaysia: An Ardl Approach Goh, K-L,, Chong, C-S,  Yong, S-LAbstract


Vol 7-1. January-June 2007


International Comparisons

Regulatory Burdens and International Income Performance, Fullerton, Th. M., De Leon, M.C.,Kelley, B.W.  Abstract

Predicting Corrupt Practices In The Public Sector For 23 OECD Countries, Koyuncu, C. And Bhattacharyya, G Abstract

Domestic Debt, Inflation And Economic Crises: A Panel Cointegration Application to Emerging And Developed Economies, Bildirici, M. and Ersin, O.   Abstract  

Europe and Eurasia

Wages, Productivity and Human Capital In The European Union: Econometric Models And Comparison With The USA 1985-2005, Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. Abstract

Modelling The German Yield Curve And Testing The Lucas Critique, 1975-2001,  Santos, C. and Oliveira, M.A. Abstract

The Response of Employment to Gdp Growth in Turkey: An Econometric Estimation, Akkemik, K.A Abstract


Explaining and Forecasting Investment Expenditure in Canada: Combined Structural and Time Series Approaches, 1961-2000, Islam, A.


Decomposing Violence: Crime Cycles in the Twentieth Century in the United States, Gomez-Sorzano, A. Abstract

The Free Trade Agreement Between Chile and The EU: Its Potential Impact on Chiles Export Industry Nowak-Lehmann D.,F.,  Herzer D. And Vollmer, S. Abstract


Africa and Mena Countries

Does the Constraint in the Matrix of Long Run Effects Bias the Ricardian Equivalence Test.  Ghassan, H. Abstract

An Empirical Analysis of The Demand Elasticity for Tunisian Exports, Khedhiri, S. And Bouazizi, T. Abstract

Inflation and Economic Growth in Kuwait: 1985-2005. Evidence From Co-Integration And Error Correction Model, Saaed, A.A.J. Abstract

Relative Effects of Public And Private Investment On Cote DIvoires Economic Performance by Aka, B. F Abstract

Do Higher Levels Of Schooling Lead To Higher Returns To Education In Nigeria?, Amaghionyeodiwe, L.A  and Osinubi, T.S. Abstract



Impact of Financial Liberalization on Welfare: Evidence from Nepal , Shrestha, M.B. and Chowdhury, K. Abstract

Total Factor Productivity Change In Non-Bank Financial Institutions: Evidence From Malaysiaapplying a Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI) , Sufian, F. Abstract

Long Run Equilibrium  Between Indiass Exports And Imports During 1949-50 2004-05, Upender, M. Abstract

Macroeconomic Adjustment In Pakistan, 1981-2004: An Evaluation, Afzal, M Abstract

Causality Link between Money, Output And Prices In Malaysia: An Empirical Re-Examination, Muhd-Zulkhibri, A. M. Abstract

The Influence Of International Stock Markets And Macroeconomic Variables On The Thai Stock Market, Chancharat, Valadkhani and Havie. 



Vol 6-3. September-December 2006


International Comparisons

Economic Determinants of Development in World Economy, 1920-2005. An Analysis of 165 Countries. Bildirici, M. and Sunal, S. 



Transaction Costs, Structural Change and the Integration of International Financial Markets: An analisys of interest rates in Ten OECD Countries, 1980-2000,   Ghali, K. and Eid, M.B.      Abstract


Panel Non-stationary Tests of the Fisher Hypothesis in a World wide Context : An Analysis of 114 Economies during the Period 1960-2004, Herwartz, E.  and  Reimers, H.E.  Abstract


Europe and Eurasia

Employment and Productivity in the European Union and Comparison with the USA, 1985-2005: Analysis of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom,  Guisan, M.C. and Cancelo, M.T. Abstract

Assessing  persistence in the Italian rate of unemployment in presence of structural breaks and regional asymmetries, 1977 to 2004, Battisti, Michele   Abstract

Causalities among Growth Related Policy Variables in Turkey, 1950-2004, Akal, M. Abstract



Using Macro-Financial Variables to Forecast Recessions. An Analysis of Canada, 1957-2002, Kiani, K.M. and  Kastens, T. L. Abstract  

Standard & Poors Depositary Receipts and The Market Quality Of S&P 500 Index Futures, Chu, Q.Ca. and Kayali, M.M. Abstract

Domestic Investment and the Cost of Capital in the Caribbean,  Roache, S.K.  Abstract

US Coffee C Futures: Some results from test of cointegration and GARCH , Sathye, Milind  Abstract  


Africa and Mena Countries

Financial Development and Economic Growth: A New Empirical Evidence from the Mena Countries, 1989-2001, Al-Zubi, K., Al-Rjoub,S. Abu-Mhareb,E  Abstract


Conditional Volatility of the Most Active Shares of Casablanca Stock Exchange, 1997-2003,  El Bouhadi, A  Abstract  

Budget Deficits, External Debt and Economic Growth in Nigeria, Osinubi, T.S. and Olaleru, O.E.  Abstract


Analyzing the Impact of Globalisation on Economic Development in Developing Economies: An Application of Error Correction Modelling (ECM) to Nigeria, Feridun, M., Olusi,J.O and Folorunso, B.A Abstract



Effectiveness of Interest Rate Channel in Price and Output Determination in the Post Financial Liberalization Era of a Developing Economy: Evidence from India,  Ahmed, M.  Abstract

International Linkage of ASEAN Stock Prices: An Analysis of Response Assymmetries,  Ibrahim, M.H.  Abstract

Stock Market Integration Between Malaysia and its Major Trading Partners (1994-2002), Karim, M.Z.A. and Gee, Ch.S. z  Abstract

A Note on Polio Count: Some empirical evidence from India,  Mukherjee, D. Abstract

V.6-2. May-August 2006


International Comparisons

Income per Capita, Health and Cross Country IQ: An International Comparison, Di Pietro, W., Abstract


Do Regional Trading Arrangements Harm the Environment? An Analysis of 162 Countries in 1990, Ghosh, S. and Yamarik, S.Abstract


Does Fisher Effect Apply in Developing Countries: Evidence From a  Nonlinear Cotrending Test applied to Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Korea and Turkey,  Maghyereh, A. and Al-Zoubi, H.   Abstract  

 Europe and Eurasia

Consequences of the Euro introduction on Market Risk: An Econometric Evidence from 1995-2004,. Pieiro, J.;Tamazian,A. and Melikyan, David N.Abstract


Inflation and Disinflation Policy in Turkey Between 1974-2002: LSTVAR Analysis,  Bildirici, E. and Cosar,N.  Abstract


 The Inflation-Capacity Utilization Conundrum: Evidence from the Canadian Economy, Tsoulfidis, L. and Dergiades, ThAbstract .

Where Did the Trade Liberalization Drive Latin American Economy: A Cross Section Analysis, Rajagopal  Abstract  

Latin American Investment Performance During the 1980-2002 Period: A Panel Cointegration Approach, Ramirez, M.D. Abstract


Africa and Mena Countries

 The Moroccan Monetary and Financial Structure Reforms and Economic Agents Behaviour,   El Bouhadi, A. and Benali, M.  Abstract


Determinants of Informal Sector Labour Demand: An Application of Alternative Methodological Approaches to South Western States of NigeriaFolawewo, A. O.  Abstract


 Implication of the Taylor Rule on Real Exchange Rate Movement in Kenya, Nandwa, B.Abstract

Output Growth and Monetary Policy Interaction in a Common Monetary Area: Forecasting with VEC Models in Namibia, Lesotho, South africa and  Swaziland. 1981-2004, Khamfula, Y.Abstract


Sources of Economic Growth in Indonesia, 1966-2003, Hossain, A.Abstract

Australia and New Zealand CER agreement and breakpoints in bilateral trade: an application of the Wald-type test,  Jayanthakumaran, K.  and Pahlavani, M. Abstract

Twin Deficits Hypothesis in SEACEN Countries: A Panel Data Analysis of Relationships between Public Budget and Current Account Deficits, Lau, E. and Baharumshah, A.Z.  Abstract

Indian Capital Market Integration with Select Developed and Developing Countries,  Seshaiah, S. V.  Abstract

V.6-1. January-April 2006

International Comparisons

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Income Inequality and Growth Volatility  in 70 countries for 1960-2002, by Konya, L. and Mouratidis, Ch. Abstract

Direct and Indirect Effects of Human Capital on World Development, 1960-2004, by Guisan, M.C. and Neira, I.     Abstract    

The determinants of Innovation: An empirical cross-country study of 43 countries for 1998-2002, by Ding, H. Abstract

Empirical Evidence for a Money Demand Function: A Panel Data Analysis of 27 Countries in 1988-98, Garcia-Hiernaux, A. and Cerno, L. Abstract

Europe and Eurasia

Household Income and the Role of Household Plots in Rural Russia, by Ogloblin, C. and Brock, G. Abstract

Devaluation and Output in Five Transition Economies: A panel Cointegration Approach of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, 1993-2000, Miteza, I.    Abstract               

Productivity Spillovers from Multinational Corporations in Portugal: Vulnerability to Deficient Estimation, by Proena, I., Fontoura, P. and Crespo, N. Abstract

Why Do Spanish Savings Banks Invest in the Stock Capital of Publicly Traded Companies,  Gonzalez, M. and Fernandez, P. Abstract


A Structural Model for the Demand for Lease Renewals in the U.S. Leasing Industry, by Gomez-Sorzano, A. Abstract

Determinants of  Exchange Rate Fluctuations for Venezuela: Application of an An Extended Mundell-Fleming Model, Hsing, Y. Abstract

A Derivation of the Optimal Current Account Balance for Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, Jordan, A. and Stanford, S.  Abstract

Africa and Mena Countries

Unemployment, Status in Employment and Wages in Morocco, Boudarbat, B.   Abstract  

On the Fisher Effect and Inflation Dynamics in Low-Income Countries: An Assesment of Sub-Sharan Africa Economics, Nandwa, B.   Abstract


Output Elasticity of Employment in the Indian Economy. An Empirical Note for 1982-2000, Upender, M.   Abstract

An Econometric Investigation of the day-of-the-week Effect and Returns Volatility in fifteen Asia Pacific Financial Markets, 1998-2003, Chukwuogor-Ndu, Ch. and Feridun, M.  Abstract

Micro-Level Evidence on the Role of Moral Hazard in the Asian Financial Crisis: Analysis of Malaysia, Philippines, Korea and Thailand, Honig, A. and Jain-Chandra, S. Abstract


VOLUME5-ISSUE4. October-December 2005

1.- Articles

Influence of Research and Development Expenditures on Number of Patent Applications: Selected Case Studies in OECD countries and Central Europe, 1981-2001,  Prodan, I.  Abstract  

Trade Reforms and Economic Integration in South Asia:   SAARC to SAPTA,  Chowdhury, Mamta B.   Abstract   

Factors Affecting Quits and Layoffs in Spanish Labour Market, Caparros, A. and Navarro, M.L.   Abstract   

Intra-Industry Trade in Manufactures Between Thailand and Other Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Countries, Chemsripong, S., Lee, J.E. and Agbola, F.W.   Abstract  

Sources Of Economic Growth In Iran: A Cointegration Analysis In The Presence Of Structural Breaks, 1960-2003, Pahlavani, M. Abstract  

The Sources and Dynamics of Inflation in Indonesia: An ECM Model Estimation for 1952-2002, Hossain, A. Abstract 

Structural Breaks in Long-Term Turkish Macroeconomic Data,1923-2003,  ALTINAY, Galip  Abstract

Primary Commodity Dependence and Debt Problem in Less Developed Countries, by  Swaray, R.B.  Abstract


VOLUME 5-ISSUE 3. July-Setember 2005.

1.- Articles

The Gender Earnings Differential in Russia After a Decade of Economic Transition, Ogloblin, C. Abstract  

Foodgrain Price Policies in India: The Effects on Foodgrain Production and Rural Poverty, 1951-2001, Wilson, E.J.  Abstract

Whats Happening to Per Capita Gdp in the ASEAN Countries?. An analysis of Convergence, 1960-2001, Chowdhury, K. Abstract

Effect of Oil Price Shocks in the U.S. for 1985-2004, using VAR, Mixed Dynamic and Granger Causality Approaches, Al-Rjoub, S. Abstract

Some Comparisons Between Turkey and OECD Countries: Productivity, Education and Taxation, 1960-2000, Cosar, N. and Bildirici, M.  Abstract

Purchasing Power Parity Based on Capital Account, Exchange Rate Volatility and Cointegration: Evidence from Some Developing Countries, Ahmed, M. Abstract

The Attractiveness of Qatar to Foreign Direct Investment, Shotar M.M. Abstract

2.-World Development Report: Industry and Economic Development in Latin America, 1980-2002,  Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. Abstract

VOLUME 5-ISSUE 2. April-June 2005

1.- Articles

Are South-South RTAs Growth Enhancing. The Case of Latin American Agreements 1960-2000, Lo Turco. A. Abstract  

Financial Market Efficiency, Institutions and Growth: An international Econometric Analysis for 1997-2002, Pieiro, J. Khan, H.A., Melikyan, D.N. and Tamazian, A.   Abstract

Financing Rural Infrastructure in Developing Countries: the case of India, Rajaraman, I.  Abstract 

Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Instability in Nigeria: A Rational Expectation Approach,  Feridun, M., Folawewo, A. O., and Osinubi, T.S.  Abstract 

Integrating Hidden Unemployment in the Measurement of Unemployment in Selected OECD Countries, Agbola, F. W. Abstract 


Determinants of Human Capital Theory, Growth and Brain Drain: An Econometric Analysis for 77 Countries, Bildirici, M; Orcan, M.; Sunal, S. and Ayka, E. Abstract 

2.- Selected Readings: Macro-econometric Models

VOLUME 5-ISSUE 1: January-March 2005

1.- Articles

Macroeconometric Modelling: Approaches and Experiences in Development Countries,  Valadkhani, A. Abstract  

Savings and Investment In India, 1970-2002: A Cointegration Approach, Seshaiah, S.V. and Vuyyuri, S.  Abstract  

Trade Competitiveness, Productivity and Institutional Reforms in Latin America, 1950-2003, by Rajagopal  Abstract

A Study  of Country-Risk for Non-Developed Countries in 1980-2000, Gonzalez, M. and Minguez, R.  Abstract   

The Effects of the Enlargement of the EU: The Mobility of Factors of Production, Frias, I; Iglesias, A. and Vazquez, E.    Abstract  

Market Driven Reforms and the Structural Characteristics of Employment in Nigeria: An Econometric Analysis, 1986-2003, by Feridun, M. and Isola, W.A. Abstract  

 2. World Development Report: Human Capital and Economic Development in Africa: An Econometric Analysis for 1950-2002, by Guisan, M.C. and Exposito, P. Abstract  

VOLUME 4-ISSUE 4:October-December 2004

1.- Articles

Political Instability and Growth: An Econometric Analysis of Turkey, Mexico, Argentina and  Brazil, 1985 - 2004 by Bildirici, M. Abstract

Models of Productivity in European Union, the USA and Japan, by Rodriguez, X.A. and Exposito, P.  Abstract

Do WAEMU Countries Exhibit a Regional Business Cycle? A Simulated Markov Switching Model for a Western Africa area, by Aka, B.F. Abstract

Does the Balassa-Samuelson Hypothesis Hold for Asian Countries? An Empirical Analysis using Panel Data and Cointegration Tests, by Drine, I. and Rault, Ch. Abstract

Modelling Export Activity of Eleven APEC Countries,1978-1997,  by Matyas, L., Konya, L. and Harris, M.N. Abstract

Indian Economy in the Next Five Years: Key Issues and Challenges, 2005-2009 by Chaitanya, krishna  V.Abstract


 2.- Notes on Contributors 2004


VOLUME 4-ISSUE 3: July-Setember 2004


1.- Articles

Global Outsourcing of Human Capital and the Incidence of Unemployment in the United States, by Ogloblin, C. Abstract (pp.5-24)

Nominal Exchange Rates Adjustment and Long-Run Competitiveness in Less Developed Countries, by Holmes, M.  Abstract (pp.25-46)

The Implications of Openness for  WAGNERS Law. An International Comparison of 20 Countries, 1971-2000, by Sobhee, S. K. and Joysuree, V. Abstract  (pp.47-58)

Determinants of Aggregate Imports in the GCC countries, by Metwally, M.M.  Abstract  (pp.59-76)

An Assessment of the Growth-Enhancing Size of Government in the Caribbean, by Alleyne, K.A., Lewis-Bynoe, D. and Moore, W.  Abstract  (pp.77-94)

Output Responses to Shocks to Interest Rates, Inflation, and Stock Returns: Evidence from Jordan,  by Al-Sharkas, A.A.Abstract   (pp.95-106)

Human Capital, Technology diffusion and Economic Growth in Low-to-Middle Income Country: a time series perspective of Guatemala, 1950-2001, by Loening, J.L. Abstract  (pp.107-122)

2. World Development Report

Human Capital, Trade and Development in India, China, Japan and other Asian Countries, 1960-2002: Econometric Models and Causality Tests, by Guisan, M.C. Abstract  (pp.123-139)


VOLUME 4-ISSUE 2: April-June 2004

1.- Articles


Human Capital and Economic Growth: A Quantile Regression Approach, by Miles, W.Abstract  (pp. 5-18)


Linkages of Indian Interest Rates with US and Japanese Rates, by Vuyyuri, S.  Abstract (pp. 19-34)


A Criritique of the Multi-Sector Model of the Effects of Military Spending on Economic Growth, by Alexander, W.R. and Hansen, P. Abstract (pp. 35-54)


Stock Returns and Inflation in Greece, by Floros, C. Abstract (pp. 55-68)


The Capital Structure Choice and Financial Market Liberalization: A Panel Data Analysis and GMM Estimation in Jordan.,

by Maghyereh, A. Abstract (pp. 69-90)


Growth-Inequality Relationship. An Analytical Approach and Some Evidence for Latin America, 

by Alvargonzalez, M.; Lopez, A. and Perez, R.Abstract  (pp. 91-108)


Ecuadorian Perceptions Towards US Foreign Policy: An Econometric Analysis by Rosenberg, M Abstract  (pp. 109-128)


 2.- Comparative Studies of European Countries: Employment, Population and Regional Development in Western and Central Europe. Econometric Models and Challenges of EU Enlargement, by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.  Abstract (pp. 129-142)


VOLUME 4-ISSUE 1: January-March 2004

 1.- Articles


China and India: Two Asian Economic Giants, Two Different Systems, by Klein, L. R. Abstract (pp. 7-19)


Responses of Argentine Output to Shocks to Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Exchange Rates: A VAR Model,

by Hsing, Y. Abstract  (pp. 21-36)


Budget Deficits and Other Macroeconomic Variables in India, by Vuyyuri, S. and Seshaiah, S. V.  Abstract (pp. 37-54)


Economic Consequences of the EU Enlargement to Eastern Europe: Lessons from the Past, by  Frias, I. and Iglesias A.  Abstract

(pp. 55-72)


Export-Led Growth, Growth-Driven Export, Both or None? Granger Causality Analysis on OECD Countries,  by Konya, L. Abstract

(pp. 73-94)


Dynamics of Exchange Rate Fluctuations between Yen and the US-Dollar, by Obara, T. Abstract (pp. 95-104)


On the Detection of Business Cycles Asymmetry in 22 Countries, 1870-1994, by Cook, S. Abstract (pp. 105-120)


2.- Comparative Studies of OECD Countries: Econometric Models and Evolution of Agrarian and non Agrarian Employment in OECD Countries, 1950-2000, by  Guisan, M.C. and  Expsito, P. Abstract  (pp. 123-138)



1.- Articles


Are the Trade Deficits of Less Developed Countries Stationary?. Evidence for African Countries, by Holmes, M. J. Abstract (pp. 7-24)


Competitiveness, Productivity and Export Performance of Indian private firms, by Raut, L. K. Abstract (pp. 25-48)


Econometric Models of Private and Public Health Expenditure in OECD countries, 1970-96, by Guisan, M.C. and Arranz, M. Abstract

(pp. 49-60)


Unemployment in the Gulf  Countries: Reasons and Remedies, by Al-Dhafiry A. W. M. Abstract (pp. 61-82)

Application of Langevin equation in Econometrics to the Interaction between the Exchange rates  of Japan and South  Korea, by Obara, T. Abstract  (pp. 83-92)

The Dynamics of Economic Growth and  Unemployment  in major European Countries: Analysis of  Okuns Law, by Zagler, M. Abstract (pp. 93-118)

2.- Notes on Contributors 



1.- Articles

Modeling The Philips Curve: A Time-Varying Volatility Approach,  by Ewing, B. T. and Seyfried, W. L. Abstract   (pp. 7-24)


Trade Policy and its Impact On Economic Growth: The Chilean Experience in the Period of 1960 to 1998, by Nowak-Lehmann D., F. Abstract  (pp. 25-53)


Expansions of the European Union and the NAFTA: Implications for New and Non-Member countries, by Islam, S. Abstract  

(pp. 55-72)


Financial Liberalization and Stability Demand for Money in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Jordan, by Maghyereh, A.  Abstract  

(pp. 73-100)


Policy Misalignments of the Currency Board Arrangements: Issues and Experiences from the Caribbean Economies, by Chionis, D.  Abstract  (pp. 101-114)

2.- World Development Reports: Asia-Pacific

Education, Industry, Trade  and Development of Asia-Pacific countries in 1980-99. Abstract



1.- Articles

Trade Openness and Economic Growth: Can We Estimate the Precise Effect?,  by Karras, G. Abstract  (pp. 7-26)

Monetary Policy Reaction Dynamics in a Developing Economy: Evidence for the Dominican Republic,  by Snchez-Fung, J. R. Abstract   (pp. 27-53)

Trends in New Zealand Bank Efficiency Over Time,  by Tripe, D. Abstract (pp.55-80)

Elasticity of Substitution and Disaggregation of Labor by Skill Level: Empirical Measuremente Using a Global Database, by Das,  G. G.   Abstract (pp. 81-102)

Generalized Fractional Time Series Modelling of the relationship between Consumption and Income in the UK, by Gil-Alana, L.A. Abstract  (pp. 103-112)

2.- World Development Reports: Education, Industry, Trade and Development of  European and Eurasian Countries in 1980-99. Abstract 




Potential Benefits to the State of Qatar from Membership in the GCC Customs Union by Metwally, Mokhtar M. Abstract y article


Assymetric Mean Reversion in the Consumption-Income Ratio: Evidence from OECD economies by Cook, Steven Abstract y article

Secular Volatility Decline of the U.S. Composite Economic Indicator by Kholodilin, K.A. Abstract y article

2.- Comparative Studies of OECD countries: Econometric Models of Foreign Trade in OECD Countries by Guisan, M.C. and Cancelo, M.T. Abstract y article

3.- World Development Reports

Education, Industry, Trade and Development of African Countries in 1980-99Abstract y article  

4.- Notes on contributors 2001-2002M.  



The Impact of Foreign Banks on Market Concentration: The Case of India by Sathye, M.   Abstract y article    

Testing the Order of Integration of the UK Unemployment by Gil-Alana, Luis A.   Abstract y article 

Employment and Regional Development in Italy by Guisan, M. C. and Aguayo, E. Abstract y article

2.    - Selected books and articles: Van den Berg 

3.- World Development Reports

Education, Industry, Trade and Development of American Countries in 1980-99 Abstract y article





Supply and Demand on Manufacturing Output in OECD countries: Econometric Models and Specification test by Cancelo, M.T.; Guisan, M.C. and Frias, I.  Abstract y article  

Econometric model of Services Sector Development and Impact of Tourism in Latin American Countries by Aguayo, E.; Exposito, P. and Lamelas, N.   Abstract y article

Employment and Regional Development in Germany by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.  Abstract y article

2.- Selected books: Mayer

3.- World Development Reports: Africa and Asia-Pacific:

Economic Development of African and Asia-Pacific Areas in 1951-99  Abstract

4.- Notes on Macroeconometric Models: Macro-econometric Models in the UK, by Iglesias, E. 



Economic growth and cycles: Cross-country models of Education, Industry and Fertility and International Comparisons by Guisan, M.C.; Aguayo, E. and Exposito, P.  Abstract y article

Causality and Cointegration  between Consumption and GDP in 25 OECD countries: Limitations of Cointegration Approach by Guisan, M.C.   Abstract y article

Employment and Regional Development in France by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.  Abstract y article

2.- Selected books: Klein and Maddison

3.- World Development Reports: America and Europe

Education and World Development in 1900-1999: A General View and Challenges for the Near Future  Abstract

Economic Development of American and European Areas in 1951-99  Abstract



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