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RSES. Vol. 15-2. July-December of 2015

America, Europe and Eurasia

Employment Change in the U.S. Census Divisions from 2000 through the Great Recession and Current Recovery, Doorn, D.J., Kelly, Y.A.  Abstract

The Economic Performance of Immigrants with Canadian Education, Boudarbat, B., Boulet, M. Abstract

Strategic-Spatial Analysis Of The Implementation Of Business Opening Politics Of Mexico, Vargas-Hernandez, J.G., Cardenas-Davila, C.F. Abstract

Poverty, Growth, Structural Change and Social Inclusion Programs: A Regional Analysis of Peru, Tello, M.D. Abstract

Market Value and Performance of Brazilian Companies, Santos, D.F.L., Rodrigues, S.V., Damiao, D.R.R. Abstract

The Impact of Local Conditions on the Retention of College Freshman Across Regional, Public Universities in the United States, Flores, O., Hansen, T.J. Abstract

Harmonization of Strategic Planning Indicators of Territories’ Socioeconomic Growth, Plotnikov, V., Fedotova, G., Popkova, E., Kastyurina, A. Abstract

Institutional designing of continuous education in Russia under the conditions of neo-economy and globalization, Akopova, E.,  Przhedetskaya, N. Abstract

Development Of Social Tourism: Organizational, Institutional, And Financial Aspects, Vinogradova, M.V., Larionova, A.A., Suslova, I., Povorina, E.V., Korsunova, N.M.  Abstract

Social and Economic Disproportion of Development of Russian Territories, Volkov, S.K. Abstract

Spain and Hispanic America

El Sector Cervecero Artesanal Español y sus Posibilidades de Internacionalización, Alban-Cabaco, B., Nuñez-Tabales, J. M., Sanchez Cañizares, S.M. Abstract

Mercados, Desempeño Comercial Y Capacidad Para Competir Del Aceite De Oliva Virgen Argentino, Gonzalez, G., Picardi, S., Valls, L. Abstract

Organizaciones De Conocimiento Y Sistemas Regionales De Innovación En Países En Desarrollo. Estudio Para Argentina, Pasciaroni, C. Abstract

Las determinaciones económicas de Los "Contratos Petroleros" En Argentina (1958-1963), Fitzsimons, A. L. Abstract

International Comparisons of Production by Sector and Development

Manufacturing and Development in Countries and Areas of Asia-Pacific, 2000-2010. Guisan, M.C., Exposito Abstract


RSES Vol. 15-1 January-June 2015

The Massó Fish Canning Company: An Innovative Family Business, 1883-1994, Abreu, L.F. Abstract

Flood Crunch: A Fiscal Appraisal for Commercial and Residential Properties in England, Kantamaneni, K.  Alrashed, I., Michael Phillips, M. , Jenkins, R. Abstract

The Economic Contributions of Higher Institutions of learning to Regional Communities:  The case of University of Houston-Victoria , Kagochi, J., Malki, M., Summers, D.  Abstract

Public-Private Partnerships For Real Estate Projects: Current Framework and New Trends, Roig, J., Soriano, J.M. Abstract

Transformation And Concentration Of Intellectual Capital As A Factor Of Economic Growth In The Modern Economy, Popkova, E.G., Yurev, V., Stepicheva, O., Denisov, N. Abstract

Evaluating The Structural Effects Of A Big Cultural Event: The Case Of The International Expo Zaragoza 2008,  Duarte, R.; Jimenez, S.; Langarita, R.; Sánchez-Chóliz, J. Abstract

Parametres Forecasting Of Russian Grain Market In The Long And Short Term, Bannikova, N.V., Sulieva, K.S.. Orel, Y.V.  Abstract

Ecological External Effects of the Functioning of the Economic Complex of the South of Russia, Mitrofanova, I.V., Starokozheva, G.I., Mitrofanova, I.A., Shkarupa, E.A., Batmanova, V.V. Abstract

Estudio Sobre La Viabilidad Una Prestación Social Básica En España/A Study About The Feasibility Of A Social Protection Benefit In Spain,  De La Peña Esteban, J. I., Fernandez-Sainz, A., Peña-Miguel, N. Abstract

Los Proyectos De Cooperación E Integracion Regional En América A Principios Del Siglo Xxi, Doval, A. Abstract

Análisis y explotación mediante modelos económicos multisectoriales de la Matriz de Contabilidad Social de Andalucía para 2008, Cardenete, M.A., Fuentes Saguar, P.D., Mainar, A. J., Rodriguez-Morilla, M.C,  Abstract

Human Capital And Agriculture: Analysis Of 12 OECD Countries,  Le Clech, N.A., Gimenez, G. Abstract

International Comparisons of Production by Sector and Development

Manufacturing and Development in Countries and Areas of America, 2000-2010. Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E.. Abstract

VOL.14-3. Special Issue on Economics of Education in collaboration with AEDE

 Guest Editor

Susana Morales  - Marta Rahona

 Guest Secretary

Isabel Neira

La educación desde una perspectiva de género

Girl Power? An analysis of peer effects using exogenous changes in the gender make-up of the peer group. Proud , S. Abstract

Is Gender Bias a Cost of Failure Issue?. Marín, C.; Rosa, A. Abstract

El género como factor determinante en las percepciones y actitudes de los estudiantes universitarios hacia la responsabilidad social. Larrán, M.;Márquez , C. Abstract

El género como variable moderadora de los resultados académicos en la enseñanza universitaria. Pérez-Cárceles, M.C.; Gómez-Gallego, M.; Gómez-Gallego, J.C.; Palazón-Pérez de los Cobos, A.; Gómez-García, J. Abstract

Family and Education: A Gender Approach for Young Adults at ages 16 to 25 in Spain from 2002 to 2013. Cañada-Vicinay, J.A. Abstract 


Educación, género y su relación con el mercado de trabajo

Exploring the role of Labour Market Uncertainty in Explaining Differences in Rates of Return to Education in Europe. Dávia, M.A.; McGuinness, S.; O´Connell, P.J. Abstract 

Employment Opportunities in Spain: Gender Differences by Education and ICT usage. Gómez, N.; Tobarra, M.A.; López, L.A.  Abstract

Segregación laboral por género en España: efectos sobre los salarios y la movilidad salarial. Navarro-Gómez, M.L.; Rueda-Narváez, M.F. Abstract 

The employability of Mexican university students: An analysis by gender and training areas. Contreras, A.B.; Dávalos, S.; Gónzalez-Morales, O.; Álvarez-González, J.A.Abstract 

RSES Vol. 14-2 (July-December 2014)

Europe, America and Eurasia

Country Image Management: Brand Spain in the United States (U.S.), Kilduff, K., Nunez, J.M.   Abstract

European Common Agriculture Policy Impacts on Developing Countries Commodities Pricies, Caracciolo, F., Gotor, E., Santeramo, F.G. Abstract

Innovation Development Sectoral Trajectories Of The South Russian Regions, Antonenko, I. Abstract

Trade Advantage Of Italian Industrial Districts:Persistence And Change, Platania, M. Abstract

Determinants of exports intensity of industrial SMEs in Argentina, Ferrero, L., Hisgen, C.M. Abstract

Time Varying Agglomeration Effects on Total Factor Productivity in Spanish Regions (1995-2008), Escriba, F.J., Murgui, M.J., Abstract

Financial analysis of the main hotel chains of the spanish tourism sector, Gonzalez, C., Jareño, F. Abstract


Inequality in the Field of Education in Morocco: A Spatial Econometrics Approach, Ibourk, A., Amaghouss, J. Abstract

The Effectiveness of Vocational Training in Morocco: Quasi-experimental evidence, Boudarbat, M., Egel, D. Abstract

Agricultural Sector Performance In Malawi, Greenwell Matchaya, G., Nhlengethwa, S., Chilonda, P.  Abstract 

Spain and Hispanoamerica 

Historia reciente de las inversiones españolas en América,  Doval Adán, A. Abstract

El fracaso de las tentativas exportadoras en la industria automotriz argentina entre 1960 y 1976, Harari, I. Abstract

International Development by Area

World Development, 2000-2010: Production, Investment and Savings In 21 Areas of America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Guisan, M.C  Abstract

RSES. Vol. 14-1. January-June 2014

America, Europe and Eurasia

The Effects of Education, Infrastructure and Demographics on Regional Income Performance in Missouri, Fullerton, T.M., Morales, C.R., Walke, A.G. Abstract

Services sectors’ concentration and countries’ specialization patterns in the European Union: A comparative analysis with a special focus on France, Germany, Greece, and the UK, Krenz, A. Abstract

Economic Development and Viability Firms in European Mining Regions. Berumen, S., Llamazares-Redondo, F. Abstract

Club performance dynamics at Italian regional level, Brida, J.G., Garrido, N., Mureddu, F.  Abstract

Social Representations: International Students in Portugal Perceptions of the host country depending on their country of origin, Padrao, M.H.; Guerra, I.; Marnoto, S.; Padrao, R. and Oliveira, C. Abstract

The Impact of Financial Structure on Firms’ Probability of Bankruptcy: A Comparison Across Western Europe Convergence Regions, Succurro, M., Mannarino, L. Abstract

Gastronomic Tourism as a Motor of Local and Regional Development, Lopez-Guzman, T., Hernandez-Mogollon, J.M. Di Clemente, E.  Abstract

Formation of the Regional Meat Cluster Development Strategy in Russia, Popkova, E.G., Romanova, M.K., Kukaeva, L.I.   Abstract

Location Patterns Of Creative Capital And Regional Disparities In Spain, Kerimoglu,E., Karahasan, B.C.  Abstract

Regional Effects Of Monetary Policy: Turkey Case, Duran, H.E., Erdem, U.  Abstract 

Regional innovation as part of regional development agenda in Turkey: The role of development agencies, Esen, A., Asik-Dizdar, O.  Abstract 


The Operation of New Transportation Infrastructure and Regional Economic Efficiency: A Case Study of Taiwan High Speed Rail on Regions in Western Taiwan, Chen, C.C.  Abstract

Spain and Hispanoamerica

Un estudio de la aportación de las personas mayores al bienestar. españa 2009-2010, Cordero, J., Freire, M.P, Pis, E., Rodriguez-Galdo, M.X.  Abstract

Género e inequidad educativa: Un análisis para el nivel medio en Argentina, Formichella, M.M., Ibañez-Martín, M.  Abstract

Incidencia de las políticas públicas en el crecimiento de los parques industriales en México, 1953-2010, Iglesias-Piña, D.  Abstract

Development in 96 European Regions

Industry, Productivity, Employment and Development in 96 European Regions, 2005-2010, Guisan, M.C., Cancelo, M.T.  Abstract


VOL.13-3. Special Issue on Economics of Education in collaboration with AEDE

 Guest Editor

Alvaro Choi. University of Barcelona

Jorge Calero. University of Barcelona

 Guest Secretary

Isabel Neira. University of Santiago de Compostela

Two quality factors in the education system: teaching staff and school autonomy. The current state of research. Escardíbul, Josep Oriol Calero, Jorge Abstract

Improving Teachers’ Professionalism On An Experimental Basis. Lassibille, Gérard Abstract

Do Parents Perceive The Technical Quality Of Public Schools? An Activity Analysis Approach. López-Torres, Laura.Prior, Diego Abstract  

Improving Educational Investments: A Welfare Analysis for Europe Pfeiffer, Friedhelm and Reuss, Karsten   Abstract   

Publication performance of economists and economics departments in Turkey (2006–2011): An Update and Comparison. Çokgezen, M.  Abstract

Convergencia entre el enfoque de las capacidades y la educabilidad. Importancia de los factores de calidad en la educacion primaria en Brasil Mediavilla, M.; Gallego,L.; Planells-Struse, S  Abstract

El fracaso escolar en el nivel medio argentino: ¿es menos frecuente en las escuelas de gestión privada debido a su administración? Formichella, M. Krüger, N  Abstract

Niveles de competitividad de los países y concentración de universidades de clase mundial . Lopez-Leyva, Santos  Abstract

RSES. Vol. 13-2. July-December of 2013

Europe, Eurasia and America

The Fish Canning Sector In Spain: Galicia, Vigo Estuary, 1900-2003, Abreu, L.F. Abstract  

Factors Influencing Changes In Aggregate Energy Consumption. An European Cross-Country Analysis, Fernández, P., Landajo, M., Presno, M.J. Abstract  

Employment by Sector and Gender in European and Spanish Regions, 1995-2012, Guisan,M.C., Aguayo, E. Abstract 

Technical Efficiency, Technological Development, And The Labor Productivity Gap In Mexican Manufacturing, Chavez-Martín del Campo, J.C., Fonseca-Hernandez, F.J. Abstract  

Concentration of goods traffic in Spanish ports during the period 2000-2009, Reina,R., Villena,F.  Abstract

Metacompetences: How Important For Organizations? Analysis Of A Survey In Portugal, Pereira, O.P. Abstract 

Academic Tourism: a More Sustainable Tourism, Rodriguez, X.A., Martínez-Roget, F., Pawlowska, E. Abstract  

Regional Integration and Internal Economic Geography - an Empirical Evaluation with Portuguese Data, Crespo, N., Fontoura, M.P.  Abstract

Production Sectors from Economic and Environmental Approaches: Evolution and Prevention of Greenhouse Emissions, Ramos, C., Moreno, B.   Abstract

Should Be A Process The Internationalization Of A Firm? Born Global As An Exception, Santos, L, Muñoz, G.A.   Abstract

Africa, Asia and Pacific

Industry Agglomeration and Wage Differentiation: An Empirical Study on Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry, Chen, C.C.  Abstract

The Diffusion and Adoption of Green Revolution Technologies: Lessons and policy implications from Pigeonpea farmers in Kenya, Simtowe, F., Muange, E. Abstract

Determinants of Educational Achievement in Morocco : A Micro-Econometric Analysis Applied to the PIRLS Study, Ibourk, A.  Abstract

Vol. 13-1. January-June of 2013 

Europe, Eurasia and America

Tourism In The Economic Growth Of Arequipa Region: Assessment And Development Policy Implications Carmen María Llorca, C.M., Casas, A.C., Soler, A. Abstract

From ‘Blue Banana’ To ‘Red Octopus’ And The Development Of Eastern And Southern European Cities: Warsaw And Lisbon, Metaxas, T., Tsavdaridou, M. Abstract

An Agent-Based Approach to Analyzing Renewable Energy Allocation: The German Success Story, Cartwright, P.A., Jones, A.C. Abstract

Modelling Linkages Versus Leakages Networks: The Case of Spain, Garcia-Muñiz, A.S. Abstract

Unemployment Persistence and Inflation Convergence: Evidence from Regions of Turkey, Gozgor, G. Abstract

Gender And Entrepreneurship: Analysis Of A Young University Population in Spain. Sanchez-Cañizares, S.M., Fuentes-Garcia, F.J. Abstract

Employment, Production and Income by Sector in Spain: Econometric Models and Comparison with Germany and the United States, 1965-2010, Guisan, M.C., Exposito, P. Abstract

Business cycle synchronisation at the regional level: evidence for the Portuguese regions, Correia, L., Gouveia, S. Abstract

Soft skills: from university to the work environment. Analysis of a Survey of Graduates in Portugal, Pereira, O.P. Abstract

Regional specialisation and efficiency of the agricultural sector in Greece: the relationship with regional funding allocation, Christofakis, M., Gkouzos A. Abstract

Renewable Energy, Electricity Market And Employment: The Case Of Spain, García-Álvarez, M.T., Varela-Candamio, L., Novo-Corti, I. Abstract

Análisis de una economía regional a partir de modelos multisectoriales La Matriz de Contabilidad Social de Aragón 2005, Mainar. A.J., Flores, M Abstract

 Africa, Asia and Pacific

Distributions of Public and Private Manufacturing Firms and Determinants of Productivity in Ethiopia, Wodajo, T., Senbet, D. Abstract

Metropolitan House Prices In Regions of India: Do They Converge?, G.C. Aye, G.C., Goswami, S., Gupta, R. Abstract

Decomposition of Concentration Index using Generalised Linear Model: Analysis of Socio-Economic Determinants of Health Inequality in the Northern Territory of Australia, Zhao, Y. Abstract

VOL.12-3. Special Issue on Economics of Education in collaboration with AEDE

Guest Editor

José Manuel Pastor. University of Valencia

Carmen Pérez Esparrells. University Autónoma-Madrid

 Guest Secretary

Isabel Neira. University of Santiago de Compostela


The Role Faculty Scholarship Plays In Producing Economics Ph.D.S From Liberal Arts Colleges, Lemke, R.J.  Abstract

The Influence Of Transparency Of University Social Responsibility In The Creation Of Reputation, Baraibar, E., Luna, L.  Abstract

What Are We Measuring When Evaluating Universities ’ Efficiency?,  Berbegal-Mirabent, J., Solé, F.  Abstract

How Nobel Laureates Would Perform In The Handelsblatt Ranking, Krapf, M., Schläpfer, J. Abstract

The Impact Of Weighting Preferences On University Rankings: The Example Of Bulgaria, Zahariev, B., Boyadjieva, P.  Abstract

La necesidad de una propuesta de un ranking universitario por titulaciones o grados en España, Barruso, B., Calderón, C.,  Mingorance, A.C.  Abstract

La posición investigadora de los sistemas universitarios regionales a través de su producción científica, Casani, F., De Filippo, D., Pérez-Esparrells, C., Sanz-Casado E.  Abstract

Las universidades españolas bajo la influencia de los ranking, Romero,J. Pastor,J.M.  Abstract

La influencia del entorno y la especialización en los rankings de universidades, García-Cárceles, B., Salvador, C., Serrano, L.  Abstract

Fortaleza  académico de las universidades públicas estatales en méxico expresada en un ranking nacional , López-Leyva, S.  Abstract

Métodos multivariantes de obtención de rankings  aplicación al caso de las universidades públicas españolas, Gómez-Gallego, J.C., Pérez Cárceles, M.C., Gómez-García, J. Abstract

Agrupación alternativa para la evaluación de las universidades públicas Españolas, García-Aracil, A., Palomares, D.  Abstract

Análisis de los factores subyacentes en los rankings internacionales de universidades, Safón, V. Abstract

La evaluación de la eficiencia en las universidades: un análisis de inputs y outputs por áreas de conocimiento, Urueña, B., Martin-Cruz, N  Abstract


Vol. 12-2. July-December of 2012


Europe, Eurasia and America

Bid Imprecision as a Source of Hypothetical Bias in Contingent Valuation Estimation: Analysis of a survey of respondent’s attitudes for the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site (SHS), Azevedo, C.D., Crooker, J.R., Pattiz, B.  Abstract

Revisiting the Tourism-Led Growth Hypothesis for Barbados: A Disaggregated Market Approach, Jackman M.M. Abstract

Wage inequalities and agglomeration in Croatia: Who’s to blame?, Mustra, V., Skrabic, B., Burnac, P.  Abstract

The Role Of Women In The Early Years Of The Canning Industry In Spain, Abreu, L.F. Abstract

Society and technological evolution: challenges and opportunities, Pereira, O.P., Assoreira, M.J.R.  Abstract

An Analysis of CO2 Emissions of Turkish Industries and Energy Sector, Ozkan, F., Ozkan, O.  Abstract

Heteroscedastic Probit Model: An Application Of Home Ownership In Turkey, Caglayan, E., Un, T.  Abstract

El acuerdo de asociación de la UE y el MERCOSUR: de las trabas comerciales a las posibilidades den la cooperación y el diálogo político, Sanchez-Diez, A., Ruiz-Huelamo, P. Abstract

La Apertura Al Exterior Del Sector Del Mueble Andaluz. An Opening To The Outside World Of The Spanish Andalusian Furniture Sector, Santos-Roldán, L.,  Abstract

Un análisis de los efectos de la reforma del sector eléctrico español sobre su estructura y competencia. An anlysis of electric sector in Spain, Garcia-Alvarez, M.T., Moreno-Cuartas, B.  Abstract

Midiendo el empoderamiento femenino en América Latina, Aguayo, E., Lamelas, N.  Abstract

Erasmus Students In Portugal:  The Perception And The Impact Of International Crisis, Padrao, M.H., Guerra, I., Marnoto, S., Padrao, R., Oliveira, C. Abstract


Africa and Asia

Phasing Out of the MFA: Impact on Women Workers in the Mauritian EPZ Sector, Tandrayen-Ragoobur, V., Ayrga, A.,  Abstract

Trade Liberalization Policy And Growth by Sector: Is It Working For Jordan?, Awad. T.  Abstract


Vol. 12-1. January-June of 2012

Europe, Eurasia and America


The Effects of No Child Left Behind on Student Performance in Alabama’s Rural Schools, Henry W. Kinnucan, H.W., Smith, M.D., Zheng, Y. Llanes, J.R.  Abstract Provincial Disparities and Structural Unemployment in Canada, McPherson, S.H., Flores, O. Abstract

Innovation and Economic Performance: The Case of Greek SMEs, Beneki, C., Giannias, D., Moustakas, G.  Abstract

Territoriality and Cohesion – The Relevance of Transport on The Development Strategies of Danube and Black Sea Macro-Regions, Frunza, R, Alupului, C.  Abstract

Unemployment disparities and persistence: Assessing the evidence from Greek regions, 1981-2008, Lolos, S., Papapetrou, E.  Abstract

Tourism in Spain: Disaggregated Analysis of the International Demand, Rodríguez, Xosé A., Rivadulla, Richard Abstract

Portuguese Immigration: Labor Market Assignment, Martins, A.P. Abstract

The Spatial Dimension in FDI Spillovers: Evidence at the Regional Level from Portugal, Crespo, N. Proença, I., Fontoura, M.P.  Abstract

Entorno socioeconómico del emprendimiento en la Eurorregión Galicia-Norte de Portugal, Vazquez-Rozas, E., Chasco, C., Alonso, M. Abstract

Africa and Asia

The Effects of Monetary Policy on Real Farm Prices in South Africa, Aye, G.C., Gupta, R.  Abstract

VOL.11-3. Special Issue on Economics of Education in collaboration with AEDE

Guest Editors

Mª Jesús Mancebón Torrubia, University of Zaragoza

Domingo Pérez Ximénez-de-Embún, University of Zaragoza

Guest Secretary

Isabel Neira, University of Santiago de Compostela

Inequality of Educational Outcomes: International Evidence from PISA. Freeman R B., Machin, S. J., Viarengo, M.G  Abstract

How are inequality of opportunity and mean student performance related? A quantile regression approach using PISA data. Hermann, Z., Horn, D.  Abstract

The Segmentation of the Argentine Education System: Evidence from PISA 2009. Krüger, N.  Abstract

Using the Oaxaca-Blinder Decomposition Technique to Analyze Learning Outcomes Changes over Time: An Application to Indonesia’s Results in PISA Mathematics. , Barrera-Osorio, F., García-Moreno, V., Patrinos, H., Porta, E. Abstract

Exploring the gap difference in 2000-2009 PISA Test Scores between Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Gigena, M., Vera, M.L., Giuliodori, R., Gertel, H. Abstract

¿La sobreeducación de los padres afecta al rendimiento académico de sus hijos? Nieto, S., Ramos, R.  Abstract

Do teachers make better parents? The differential performance of teachers’ children at school. Denny, K.  Abstract

La educación medioambiental en España: Una aproximación a partir de los datos de PISA 2006. Cordero, J.M., García Valiñas, M.A., Manchón, C., Muñiz,M. A. Abstract

Floreat Scuola: An International Analysis of Parental Satisfaction with Schools, Borooah, V., Mangan, J.  Abstract


Vol. 11-2. July-December of 2011

Europe, Eurasia and America

Regional and environmental effects of the EU enlargement and Euro zone, Giannias, D., Sfakianaki, E. Abstract

Employee Benefits in the Hospitality Industry in the US: Inhospitable for Employees?, Chatterjee, S., Lauderdale, M., Gilliam, J. Abstract

Monopsony’ in the Market for Nurses? A Semiparametric Note, Mukherjee, D. Abstract

The Rise in Female Smoking in Russia: What to Do?, Ogloblin, C., Brock, G.  Abstract

Steel Industry and The Sector’s Impact On Economical Growth In Turkey,Ozkan, F. Abstract

The Cultural Capital of Immigrant Families and The Impact on Student Performance: Evidence from Germany, Botezat, A. Abstract

The Face Of Immigration In The North Of Portugal, Padrao,M.H.,Padrao, R., Oliveria, M.J.A., Marnoto, S.,Guerra, I.    Abstract    

Vitality And Requalification Of Cities: A Contribution To A Reconceptualization Of A Sustainable Urban Planning, Pereira, O.P., Coutinho, M. Abstract

Africa and Asia

Los vínculos entre el nivel educativo y la cuota de mercado en África, Martín-Arnaiz, J.L. Abstract

International Report

Industry, Fair Competition and Trade in OECD Countries: Impact on Wages and on Employment by Sector, 2000-2010, Guisan, M.C. Abstract

Vol. 11-1. January.April of 2011

Europe, Eurasia and America


Urban and Regional Creative Class Theories, Tremblay, R., Chicoine, H. Abstract

On the role of sectoral and national wage components in the wage bargaining process, Dreger, C., Reimers, H-E., Abstract

Regional Employment and Unemployment by Gender in Spain in comparison with other European Countries, Guisán, M.C. and Expósito, P. Abstract

Impact of Tourism on Employment: An Econometric Model of 50 CEEB Regions, Aguayo, E.  Abstract

Territorial Assets And Firms’ Competitiveness In Southern Europe: Industrial Vs Commercial Firms Using Exploratory Factor Analysis, Metaxas, T.Abstract

Regional Policy in the EU Less Favoured Regions for the period 2000-2006: An Assessment of the Expenditure Allocation and Governance” Arguelles, M., Benavides, C., Mayor, M. Abstract

Africa and Asia

International Integration of Africa, Sánchez-Diez, A., Matesanz, D. Abstract

The Economic Effects of Economic Cooperation of Korea, China, and Japan, Park, Y.J., Kim, K., Harrington, J.W. Abstract


VOLUME 10-3. Special Issue on Economics of Education in collaboration with AEDE

Guest Editors

Jorge Calero, University of Barcelona

Josep-Oriol Escardíbul, University of Barcelona

Guest Secretary

Isabel Neira, University of Santiago de Compostela

Education and Labour Market Transitions amongst Compulsory Education Graduates and School Dropouts Albert, C. and Davia, M. Abstract

Analysis of private tutoring decisions in Korea: A game theory approach, Choi, A Abstract

On the rewards to education in Spain: endogeneity and regional differences, Lillo, A. and Casado-Díaz, J.M. Abstract

Factors affecting educational attainment: Evidence from Spanish PISA 2006 Results, Cordero, M.; Crespo; E.; Santín Abstract

Competences of graduates as an indicator of external quality assurance in universities, Freire, M.J and Teijeiro, M Abstract

 La decisión empresarial de invertir en la mejora de la formación de los trabajadores: Factores determinantes para el tejido empresarial catalán Batalla, J.M.; Martínez-Argüelles, M.; Villaseca i Requena, J Abstract

La Eficiencia de la Rama de Ciencias Sociales de las Universidades Públicas Españolas, González-Pérez, B.; López-González, E.; Mendaña-Cuervo, C Abstract

Una valoración del grado de segregación socioeconómica existente en el sistema educativo español. Un análisis por comunidades autónomas a partir de PISA 2006, Mancebón, M-J.; Pérez, D. Abstract

La expansión de las universidades privadas en España y su contribución a la diversificación de la oferta de estudios en el ámbito regional, Moreno, D. and Sánchez, J.Abstract

El impacto de la universidad en el ámbito económico y del conocimiento. El caso de la Universidad de Lleida,  Torres, T.; Enciso, P.; Farré, M. and Sala, M. Abstract

 VOLUME 10-2.


 Europe, Eurasia and America

Small Business Clusters in Oklahoma: MAR or Jacobs Effects?, Nica, M.  Abstract

Social capital and growth in European regions, Neira, I. Portela, M.  Vieira, E. Abstract

Organizational Commitment and Case Study on The Union of Municipalities of Marmara. Bozlagan, R. Dogan, M.  Daoudov, M. Abstract

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 Africa and Asia

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 VOLUME 10-1.

 Europe, Eurasia and America

Education, Infrastructure, and Regional Income Performance in Arkansas,  Fullerton, Jr. T, Licerio, E.,  Wangmo, P  Abstract

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Standards of Living Inequalities and Allocation of Funding: The Case of Greece   Giannias, D., Sfakianaki, E. Abstract

 2. Africa and Asia

An Optimization Procedure for  Estimating the Stock  of Capital: Application to Ten Production Sectors of  Dubai, Rettab, B., Kwaak, T. and Azzam, A. Abstract

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 VOLUME 9-2. July-December 2009

The importance of industry structure in the analysis of regional entry and exit: The case of Sweden, Nystrom, K.  Abstract

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Coping With Sectoral Data Limitations When Measuring Oligopoly Power in a Developing Country, Achy, L., Azzam A. , Sekkat, K. Abstract

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Empleo y Desarrollo Regional de Paraguay: El impacto de la producción de Soja y otros factores, Cohener, G. and Aguayo, E.Abstract

VOLUME 9-1. January-June 2009

Storms, Climate Change, and the US Economy: A Regional Analysis,  Saad-Lessler, J.  and  Tselioudis, G.   Abstract

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VOLUME 8-2. July-December 2008

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VOLUME 8-1. January-June 2008

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VOLUME 7-2. July-December 2007 

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VOLUME 7-1. January-June 2007

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Production by Sector in the European Union: Analysis of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom, 2000-2005,  Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. Abstract

 An Assessment of the Community Support Framework  (Csf) Funding Towards the Tourist Sector: The Case of Greece Liargovas, P., Giannias, D., Kostandopoulos, C.Abstract

A Structural Model for Net Rental Income in The U.S. Leasing Industry, Gómez-Sorzano, G.A.Abstract

Ethics and Wellbeing in Institutions: Analysis of Administration Staff Opinions in Universities of Portugal, Cape Verde and Great Britain, Pereira, O.P., Martins, A.M. and Martins, I. Abstract

VOLUME 6-2. July-December 2006

1. Articles

Production by sector in China, India and OECD Countries, 1985-2005, Guisan, M.C. and Exposito, E.   Abstract

Is the Rate of ‘Convergence’ always Constant? Some Empirical Evidence from Sector Level Data in 56 Countries, 1975-99, Mukherjee, D.  Abstract

 Why is the number of catholic priests diminishing in Portugal? Analysis of the period 1960-2002, Mourao, Paulo R.   Abstract

Public Sector Transparency and Tourism Real Estate Investments in Greece, Triantafyllopoulos, N.  Abstract

Los fondos de inversión inmobiliaria en España 1994-2005: análisis del rendimiento y persistencia, Lopez, M.C; Lopez, C and Maside, J.M.  Abstract

Como avaliar projectos de desenvolvimento integrado? Uma abordagem económica aplicada à Região do Douro, Rebelo, J., Correia, L. and Cristovao, A. Abstract

Educaçao e productividade na  Euroregiao  Galiza- Norte de Portugal, 1995-2002.  Vieira, E Moreira, María, C. Pereira, O.P. Abstract


VOLUME 6-1. January-June 2006 

1. Articles

Russian Regional External Trading 1997-2001, Brock, G.  Abstract

Employment by Sector in the European Union, the United States, Mexico and Canada, 1985-2005, Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.  Abstract

Locating the Most Important Transactions of the Economy by an Alternative Sensitivity Analysis.  Application to the Employment Structure of Nine European Countries, Tarancon, M.A.  Abstract

Real Estate Business Cycle And Real Estate Policies: The Case Of Korea, Kim, K., Suh, S. Feridun, M.  Abstract

Economic centrality, per capita income and human capital - some results at regional and local level in Portugal, Crespo, N. and Fontoura, M.P.  Abstract

Inter-regional Wage Dispersion in Portugal, Vieira, J.A.C., Couto, J.P.A., Tiago, M.T.B.  Abstract

Tendências de concentração regional no interior português - o caso de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Mourao, P.  Abstract



VOLUME 5-2. July-December2005


1. Articles


The Sectoral Distribution of Employment and Job Segregation by Gender in Russia, Ogloblin, C.  Abstract 


Tourism in Central Europe: A comparison of the Regions of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia with Other European Countries in Year 2000,  Aguayo, E. Abstract 

Universities and Research Expenditure in Europe and the USA, 1993-2003: An Analysis of Countries and Regions, Guisan, M.C.Abstract   

Are Knowledge Intensive Business Services always so Efficient as they Are Said to? An Empirical Approach of KIBS in a Peripheral Region, Rubiera, F., Quindos, M.P, and Vicente, M.R. Abstract 

l’impact de l’infrastructure sur la croissance economique de long terme dans les pays de MENA : analyse de les secteurs d´electricite et des telephones en dix pays, 1975-1999, Khedhiri, S. and  NcibI, N.Abstract

Comercio exterior y fluctuaciones cíclicas en la producción de cerveza en México, Rendón, L. y  Mejía, P.Abstract

 Aplicación de un modelo de equilibrio general a la región de Asturias (MEGAAST), Argüelles, M., Benavides, C. and Bilbao, C.Abstract


VOLUME 5-1: January-June 2005


Universal Banking. The Indian Perspective, Chaitanya, Krishna V.    Abstract 

The Income Effects of Decentralization of Population in Korea: An Econometric Investigation, Kim, K,, Suh, S.H.,  Kim, I., Feridun, M.  Abstract 

Elasticities of Regional and Local Administrations Expenditures: the Portuguese case,  Mourao, P. R.  Abstract              

El mercado de servicios de salud en la región Tijuana-San Diego: usuarios, productos, logística y actividades promocionales, Vargas-Hernandez, Jose G.   Abstract

Regioni e Territori nello Spazio Europeo della Ricerca, Caruso, R.; Palano, D.   Abstract

A empresa e a formaçao profissional: uma aplicaçao aos téxteis portugueses, Pereira, Orlando P.   Abstract     




1. Articles

A Time Series Test of Regional Convergence in the USA with Dynamic Panel Models, 1972-1998, by Sedgley, N. and Elmslie, B. Abstract

Education, Research and Manufacturing in EU25: An Inter-Sectoral Econometric Model of 151 European Regions, 1995-2000, by Guisan, M.C. Abstract

Regions and Low-Wage Mobility in Portugal,  1996-2000, by Vieira, J.A.C. and Madruga, P.   Abstract                                                     

Decomposition of global and European socio-economic inequalities with attention to their regional dimensions, by Novotny, J. Abstract

The evolution of structural female employment and higher education in Venezuela, 1975-2000, by Lamelas, N.    Abstract

Política fiscal de vivienda en España y forma de tenencia de la vivienda habitual: una valoración empírica a nivel provincial, by Rodríguez, J. y Barrios, J.  Abstract

Determinación de la demanda de características de vivienda. Una aplicación para los principales municipios asturianos en 1996, by Bilbao, C. Abstract

2. Notes on contributors                                                      



 A Nonparemetric analysis of the Personal Income Distribution across the Provinces and States in the U.S. and Canada, Wang, Y. Abstract  (pp. 5-24)

 Regional Systems of Innovation and Regional Policy in Europe, Korres, G. M. ; Chionis, D. P.and Staikouras, C.  Abstract  (pp. 25-44)


A Study of “Performers” in Indian Software & Services Industry, Mishra Abstract  (pp. 45-64)


Modelo Logit multinomial: una aplicación regional al sector lácteo, Barreiro, X.M. y Ruzo, E. y Losada, F. Abstract  (pp. 65-86)


Competitividad de la oferta entre universidades regionales, Fernández, S. y Ruzo, E. Abstract  (pp. 87-106)


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Migraciones interiores en España: un modelo econométrico regional, Aguayo, E. y Lago, C. Abstract (pp. 121-138)



1.- Artícles

Comparative analysis of  Retail Trade in EU15, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia,  by Vazquez, Emilia and Exposito, Pilar Abstract

Liberalization and Color TV Industry in India  by Seshaiah, S. Venkata and Krishna, G. Radha Abstract

Tourism in China: Regional Distribution and Economic Impact,  by Atherinos, Eleftherios Abstract

Ottawa Parmi les Technopoles Nord-Américaines: Perception des Entrepeneurs Locaux, by Tremblay, Rémy Abstract

Desarrollo y perspectivas de la telefonía e internet en Venezuela by Artigas, Wileydis; Useche, M.Cristina and Queipo, Beatriz. Abstract

Modelo econométrico de la demanda turística en China by  Chang, Suijim and Aguayo, Eva Abstract

Análisis cuantitativo del mercado de la vivienda a precio tasado by Galguera, M., Redondo, J.A. and Fernández, Montserrat Abstract

2.- Notes on Contributors 2003



1.- Artículos

El Sector Servicios Privados en las Regiones Mexicanas: un Modelo Econométrico por  Alvarez, Lía y Aguayo, Eva Resumen

Industria y Desarrollo Regional en Brasil por Guisán, Mª del Carmen y
Cardim-Barata, Sofía

Rendimiento de las Inversiones Educativas y Diferencias de Ganancias en Andalucía por Gamero, Carlos; Marcenaro, Oscar D. y Navarro, Mª Lucía Resumen

Vivienda de Protección Oficial o Libre: Una Caracterización de la Elección de los Individuos en el Ámbito Canario  por Barrios García,  Javier A. y Rodríguez Hernández, José E. Resumen

Gasto Turístico Exterior de los Residentes en la UE y Países de la OCDE por Arranz, Matilde Resumen

2.- Selección de libros: Rodríguez-Pose y García Delgado




Análisis Cualitativo del salario por hora en España por García Hiernaux, Alfredo Resumen y artículo

Evaluación Económica Sectorial de la Inversión en Infraestructuras del Transporte: Aplicación al Vector de Inversiones 1990-1998 en España por Tarancón Morán, Miguel A. Resumen y artículo

Employment and Regional Tourism in Europe, 1990-2000, por  Guisan, M.Carmen y Aguayo, Eva  Resumen y artículo

Análisis de los Factores Condicionantes de los Precios de las acciones en el Mercado Latibex por Escudero, Mª. Eugenia y Zermeño, Jorge Resumen y artículo

2.- Informes Sectoriales: La industria en España y en la OCDE, 1960-2000 Resumen y artículo

3.- Colaboradores 2001-2002




Evolución de la producción y la productividad en el sector agrario español por Expósito, Pilar y Rodríguez, Xosé Antón   Resumen y artículo

El comportamiento de los precios de la vivienda en las regiones españolas por López-Andión, Carmen    Resumen y artículo

Comercio exterior de Galicia. Análisis econométrico por Álvarez, David y Vázquez, Emilia    Resumen y artículo

Agricultura y turismo en las regiones griegas por Atherinos, Eleftherios y Aguayo, Eva   Resumen y artículo

2.- Selección de artículos

3.- Selección de Internet  

4. Informes de Economía Regional: Comentarios al informe de Pierre-Henri Derycke "Quarante ans de science régionale francophone"




Modelo econométrico sectorial de la economía portuguesa por Padrao, Reinaldo Resumen y artículo

Evolution et problemes de l´enseignement superiur en Europe, por Jean-Claude Eicher  Resumen y artículo

Productividad industrial y comercio exterior en la Union Europea  por Cancelo, Mª Teresa  Resumen y artículo

Inversión Industrial y Empleo en las regiones españolas. 1976-1995 por Aguayo, Eva y Guisan, Mª. Carmen Resumen y artículo

2.- Selección de libros: Sectores turismo, granito y agricultura regional europea

3.- Informes sectoriales:

  • La agricultura en España y la OCDE, 1900-2000 Resumen y artículo

  • Un análisis econométrico del turismo hotelero y extra-hotelero en las regiones y provincias españolas Resumen y artículo




Panorama regional y sectorial del empleo en los países de la Unión Europea 1985-2000 por Guisán, M. Carmen y Aguayo, Eva   Resumen y artículo


Un análisis econométrico de la concentración industrial en las regiones españolas por Iglesias, Ana; Frías, Isidro y Vázquez, Emilia   Resumen y artículo


Impacto de la  industria y el turismo sobre el crecimiento económico de las regiones españolas por Aguayo, Eva; Guisán, M. Carmen y Rodríguez, Xosé Antón    Resumen y artículo


El sector servicios destinados a la venta en 120 regiones europeas por Expósito, Pilar   Resumen y artículo

2.- Selección de libros

3.- Selección de internet

4.- Informes y perspectivas: Reflexiones sobre la Planificación y el Estado de Bienestar por Bernardo Pena  por Bernardo Pena  Resumen y artículo


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