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IJAEQS Vol. 6-1

January-June 2009



July-December 2009



 1. International Comparisons

 Environmental Aid and Economic Development in the Third World, Arvin, B. Mak, Kayani, Z. and Scigliano, M.A.  Abstract

 1. International Comparisons

 Indicators of Social Well-Being, Education, Genre Equality and World Development: Analysis of 132 Countries, 2000-2008, Guisan, M.C.Abstract

Does Infrastructure Alleviates Poverty in Developing Countries? Seetanah, B., Ramessur, S. and Rojid, S. Abstract



 2. Country Studies

 Debt Sustainability And Economic Growth In Egypt, El-Mahdy, A.M. and Torayeh, N.M. Abstract

Vulnerability to poverty in Fiji,  Jah, R., Dang, T. and Sharma, K.L.  Abstract

Sources of Inflation in Iran, 1971-2006: An Application of the ARDL Approach, Pahlavani, M. and Rahimi, M.  Abstract

On Nominal and Real Devaluations Relation: An Econometric Evidence for Pakistan, Shahbaz, M. Abstract

Is The Elasticity of Substitution Between Labour and Capital in The Indian Industries Different from Unity? Empirical evidence from cross  section data, Upender, M. Abstract

Business Cycle and Sectoral Fluctuations: A Nonlinear Model For Côte D’ivoire, Aka, B. F.


 2. Country Studies


Discusssion On The Idea And Technology In Labor Augmenting Solow Model Besides Physical And Human Capital Complementarity, Erdil and Kalyoncu Abstract


Revisiting the investment development path (IDP): A non linear fluctuation approach, Kayam, S.S. and Hisarciklilar, M. Abstract


Foreign Direct Investment and Exchange  Rate

Volatility in NigeriaOsinubi, T. S. andAmaghionyeodiwe, L. A Abstract

Notes: Articles formerly announced for Special Issues 6, 7, 8, have been moved as it was indicated at the Status page and  at the authors file of our Google site in the updates of August and September of 2009. Those accepted articles are published in several issues of journals AEID, RSES and IJAEQS of years 2009 (announced at the journal Website) or in journal AEID and RSES in year 2010 announced at the Status section:


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Vol. 5-1. January-June 2008


Vol. 5-2. July-December 2008


  1. International Comparison

Effects of Trade and Growth on Air Pollution in the Aggregated Sub-Saharan Africa, Aka, B.F. Abstract

  Can Tax Wedge Affect Labor Productivity? A TSLS Fixed Model On OECD Panel Data, Ding, H. Abstract

      1. International Comparison

Rates, Ratios and Per Capita Variables in International Models: Analysis of Investment and Foreign Trade in OECD Countries, Guisan M.C. Abstract

     2. Studies by Country

  The Optimal Demand for Foreign Exchange Reserves in Pakistan,  Jalil, A. and Bokhari, S.  Abstract

 Is Current Account Deficit a Message for Economic Crises for Turkey?, Sekmen, F. Abstract

Long-Run and Short-Run Dynamics of Foreign Exchange Reserves Flows  and Domestic Credit in Pakistan, Khan, M.A.  Abstract

An Empirical Analysis of Sustainability of Trade Deficit: Evidence from Sri Lanka, Perera, N. and Verma, R.  Abstract

     2. Studies by Country

 Wage Dynamics in A Structural Time Series Model for Luxembourg, Aka, B.F. and Pieretti, P. Abstract 

Competition and Growth: A Time Series Analysis for South Korea, Lee, J.H. and Rhee, Y.H. Abstract

 Traditional Export Demand Relation: A Co-integration and Parameter Constancy Analysis of Jordan, Husein, J. Abstract

 Degree of Tax Buoyancy in India : An Empirical Study, Upender, M. Abstract

    3. Methodology and Other Studies

  The Relationship Between Wages and Productivity: TAR Unit Root and TAR Cointegration Approach, Bildirici, M. and Alp, E.A. Abstract



     3. Methodology and Other Studies

Simulation Evidence on Granger Causality in Presence of a Confounding Variable, Asghar, Z. Abstract

Empirical Power Comparison of Non-Nested Tests for the EVM:  Some Monte Carlo Evidence, Bhatti, M.I. and Bodla, M.A. Abstract

 Article by Asghar has been moved from Ijaeqs 5-1 to 5-2 and articles by Ahmed and by Shanmugan and Misra have been moved to journal AEID in 2009 (see Status section)



Vol. 4-1. January-June 2007


Vol. 4-2. July-December 2007


1. International Comparisons

Industry, Foreign Trade and Development: Econometric  Models of  Africa, Asia and Latin America 1965-2003, Guisan, M.C.  Abstract  

1. International Comparison

Health Expenditure, Poverty and Economic Development in Latin America 2000-2005,  Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.Abstract

2. Studies by Country


 Gender, Land Access and Rural Poverty in Côte D’ivoire, Aka, B.F.   Abstract

(French version)

Savings Behaviour in the Indian Economy,  Upender, M. and Reddy, N.L.   Abstract

Learning Organisations and Knowledge Maps: Analysis of a Survey in Portugal, Pereira, O. and Martins, A., Martins, I. Abstract  

2. Studies by Country


Assessment of Poverty in Jordan, 1990-2005, Louzi,   B.M. Abstract


Private Investment And Political Instability: Evidence From Nigeria, Busari, O.T. and  Amaghionyeodiwe, L.A.Abstract


Trade Reforms and Breakpoints in Australia´s Manufactured Trade: An Application of the Zivot and Andrews Model, Jayanthakumaran, K; Pahlavani, M. and Frank Neri, F. Abstract 

3. Methodology and Other Studies

A Perspective on Unit Root and Cointegration in Applied Macroeconomics, Razzak, W.A.   Abstract

Determinants of Volatility and Mean Returns: An Evidence from an Emerging Stock Market, Kiani, K.M.  Abstract

3. Methodology and Other Studies


 Foreign Direct Investment - Growth Nexus:

A Review Of The Recent Literature, Ozturk, I.Abstract

Business Cycle Asymmetries in Stock Returs: Robust Evidence, Kiani, K.M.  Abstract



Vol. 3-1 January-June 2006


Vol. 3-2. July-December 2006


1.  International Development

 Industry, Foreign Trade and Development:   Econometric Models of Europe and North America, 1965-2003, Guisan, M.C Abstract

1. International Development

Health Expenditure, Poverty and Economic Development in Africa, 2000-2005 Guisan, M.C. and Exposito, P.  Abstract

2. Studies by Country

The Nigerian Educational Systems and Returns to Education, Amaghionyeodiwe, L.A., Osinubi, T.S.  Abstract

Financial Liberalization Index for   Nepal, Shrestha, M.B. and Chowdhury, K. Abstract

Forecasting Inflation in Developing Economies: The Case of Nigeria, 1986-1998, Feridun, M. and Adebiyi, M.A.  Abstract 

2. Studies by Country

Economic Growth Before and After Reform: The Case of Egypt, 1973-2002, Kamaly, A.   Abstract

Compensating the Poor out of Traditional Healing in Cameroon: A Nested Logit Analysis, Kamgnia, D. B.   Abstract

Openness, Globalization and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Cote d´Ivoire, 1969-2002,  Aka, B.F. Abstract 

3. Methodology and Other Studies

Exchange Rate Volatility and Trade: A Literature Survey, Ozturk,  Abstract 

 3. Methodology and Other Studies

Dynamic Models in Econometrics: Classification, Selection and the Role of Stock Variables in Economic Development, Guisan, M.C. Abstract 


Vol. 2-1 and 2-2  Year 2005


Vol. 2-3 and 2-4  Year 2005


Vol. 2-2  April-June  2005

Vol. 2-4  October-December 2005

1.  International Comparisons

Health Care Expenditures in OECD Countries: A Panel Unit Root and Cointegration Analysis, Dreger, C. and Reimers, H.E.     Abstract    

 Employment, Development and Research Expenditure in the European Union: analysis of causality and comparison with the United States, 1993-2003,  Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.  Abstract


1. International Comparisons

Real Exchange Rates and International Competi-tiveness of SAAR Countries: An Analysis of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka for 1960-2000, Chowdhury, M. B.   Abstract  

2. Studies by Country                                         


A Sequential Procedure for Testing Unit Roots in the Presence of Structural Break in Time Series Data: An Application to Quarterly Data of Nepal, 1970-2003, Shrestha, M.B. and Chowdhury, K.  Abstract


Currency Board Arrangement and Transition: The Issues, Controversies and the Experience of Bosnia, Siladjic, S. Abstract                                             


Convergence of Sectoral Productivity in Turkish Provinces: A Markov Chains Model, Temel, T., Tansel, A. and Gungor, N.D.     Abstract   


Theory of Bank Lending with Monitoring and Application to Rural Banking in India 2002-2003, Mukhopadhyay, B.  Abstract  

2. Studies by Country


Efficiency and Profitability in Thailand’s Life Insurance Industry:  A Cost Frontier Function and Hausman test, 1997-2002, Karim, M.Z.A.and Jhantasana, Ch.           Abstract             


Cointegration and Structural Change in the Exports-Gdp Nexus: The Case of Iran,  1960-2003, Pahlavani, M.   Abstract    


Forecasting the UK Unemployment Rate: Model Comparisons, by Floros, Ch.   Abstract


Intervention of Japanese Monetary Authority in the Foreign Exchange Market, by Obara, T.  Abstract


 Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Sweden: A Leveraged Bootstrap Approach, 1965-2000, Hatemi, A. and Irandoust, M. Abstract


3. Methodology and Other Studies

 Economic Clubs and European Commitment. Evidence from the International Business Cycles,  Bovi, M.            Abstract      


3. Methodology and Other Studies

Modeling Market Volatility in Emerging Markets:  The case of Daily Data in Amman Stock Exchange 1992-2004 , Rousan, R. and Al-Khouri, R.   Abstract



Vol. 2-1 January-March 2005

Vol. 2-3 July-September 2005

1. International Comparisons

International Evidence on Business Cycle Magnitude Dependence: An Analysis of 16 Industrialized Countries, 1881-2000, Di Guilmi, C., Gaffeo, E., Gallegati, M., Palestrini,A.        Abstract


1. International Comparisons

Industry and Foreign Trade in India, China and OECD countries: an Analysis of Causality, 1960-2002,   Guisan, M.C. and Exposito, P.  Abstract



2. Studies by Country                   


Budget Deficits and Indirect Taxes during the Political Instability Periods in Turkey: Cointegration Analysis and EC Model Estimation, 1985-2003, by Bildirici,M.andCosar,N.      Abstract


"Estimating Human and Physical Capital Stocks in Data-Scarce Environments:  A Methodological Note and Application to Guatemala", Loening, J.L.         Abstract



Deepening the Measuring of Technical Inefficiency in Private Farming in Georgia: Locally Parametric Regression, Temel, T. and Lucas, A.    Abstract 

2. Studies by Country


 Error Correction Exchange Rate Modeling for Mexico: 1980-2002, Fullerton, Th. and Lopez, J.J. Abstract


Multiple Structural Breaks in Australia´s Macroeconomic Data: An Application of the Lumbsdaine and Papell Test, Valadkhani, A., Layton, A.P. and Pahlavani, M. Abstract


Granger-Causality Between Inflation, Money Growth, Currency Devaluation and Economic Growth in Indonesia, 1951-2002, Hossain, A. Abstract


Causality Links Between Asset Prices and Cash Rate in Australia, West, L.K., Agbola, W.K.,  Abstract


Sources of Productivity Changes of Commercial Banks in Developing Economy: Evidence from Malaysia, 1998-2003, by Sufian, F.        Abstract


3. Methodology and Other Studies

East Asian Financial Crisis Revisited: An EconometricAnalysis(1981-2001),Feridun,M. 


Efficiency Flooding”: Black-Box Frontiers and Policy Implications,  Sauer,J.F.      Abstract   


3. Methodology and Other Studies

The Method of Simulated Maximum Likelihood for the Estimation of Dynamic Ordered Probit: An Application to Country-Risk for Non-Developed Countries, Gonzalez, M.  and Minguez, R.  Abstract







Vol. 1-1 and 1-2, year 2004







Vol. 1-3 and 1-4, Year 2004




Vol. 1-2  April-June 2004

Vol. 1-4 October-December 2004

1. International Comparisons

Unit-Root, Cointegration and Granger Causality Test Results for Export and Growth in OECD Countries    Konya, L.   Abstract

1. International Comparisons

Labour Productivity in the European Union and Comparison with the USA, 1979-2001,   Korres, G. M.;  Chionis, D. P. and  Tsamadias, C. Abstract


2. Studies by Country


Mean-Covariance Structure Models in Economic Research: an Application to a Lending Program  for Development in Burkina Faso, by Paxton, J. and Thraen, C.    Abstract



Oil Price Shocks and Emerging Stock Markets: A Generalized VAR Approach, by  Maghyereh, A.   Abstract


Does Inflation Harm Economic Growth in Jordan? An Econometric Analysis for the Period 1970-2000, by Sweidan, O.D.  Abstract


Real Cost of Employment an Turkish Labour Market: A Panel Cointegration Tests Approach,  by Bildirici, M.  Abstract


2. Studies by Country 


Seasonaility and Cointegration in the Fishing Industry of Conrwall, by Floros, Ch. and Failler, P.        Abstract


The Eficiency Effects of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions in a Developing Economy: Evidence from Malaysia, 1998-2003, by Sufian, F.    Abstract



Recent Evidence on Improved Inventory Control: A quarterly Model of the US Economy for the period 1959-2001,  by Sweidan, O.    Abstract



Labour Productivity in the European Union and Comparison with the USA, 1979-2001, by  Korres, G. M.;  Chionis, D. P. and  Tsamadias, C. Abstract


Russian Financial Crisis of 1998: An Econometric  Investigation, by Feridun, M.  Abstract

3. Methodology and Other Studies

Multinational Enterprises and Tobin´s q: The Implications for Foreign Direct Investment,  Chionis, D. Abstract


3. Methodology and Other Studies

System Estimates of Cyclical Unemployment and Cyclical Output in the 15 European Union Member-States, Katos,A.,  Pallis,D. and Katsouli, E.   Abstract


Vol.1-1 January-March 2004

Vol. 1-3 July-September 2004

1.  International Comparisons

 A Comparison  of Causality Tests Applied to the Bilateral Relationship between Consumption and GDP in the USA and Mexico,  Guisan, M.Carmen   Abstract

1. International Development

 Real Economic Convergence in the EU Accession Countries, Matkowski, Z. and Prochniak, M.  Abstract



2. Studies by Country

 A VAR Analysis of US and Japanese Effects on Malaysian Aggregate and Sectoral Output, by Ibrahim, M.H. Abstract


 Homicide Cycles in Colombia., by Brauer, J. and Gomez-Sorzano, A.G.  Abstract


Brazilian Real Crisis Revisited: A Linear Probability Model to Identify Leading Indicators. by Feridun, M.  Abstract


Dynamic Relations Between Macroeconomic Factors and the Jordanian Stock Market, by Al-Sharkas, A.A. Abstract

2. Studies by Country

Does immigration have an impact on economic development and unemployment? Empirical evidence from Finland (1981 – 2001), by  Feridun, M.     Abstract


Structural Change in Time Series of the Exchange Rates between Yen-Dollar and Yen-Euro in 2001-2004. by Obara, T.   Abstract



Transaction Cost and the Small Stock Puzzle: The Impact of Outliers in the NYSE,1970-2000,  by Al-Rjoub, S. and Hassan, M.K.   Abstract



The Causality between Taxes and Public Expenditure in Mauritius,1970-1999: A VECM Approach, by Sobhee, S. K.  Abstract

3. Methodology and Other Studies

Outlier Detection, Seasonal Adjustment and Cycle Extraction in New Member States of European Union, by Buono, D.     Abstract

3. Methodology and Other Studies

Classical Business Cycles in  America: Are National Business Cycles Synchronised?,  Mejia-Reyes, P.     Abstract






Editorial Board

 Editor and Editorial Team

Editor: Maria-Carmen Guisan. Professor of Econometrics, USC, Spain

 Editorial Team: Eva Aguayo,  Associate Professor of Econometrics, USC, Spain

 Pilar Exposito, Associate Professor of Econometrics, USC, Spain


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 Jurgen Brauer, Prof. Economics. Augusta State University, USA

Georgios Karras, Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago USA

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Gerard Lassibille, Economics Researcher, IREDU, Dijon, France

Zbigniew Matkowski, Professor of Economics, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

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